Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham Talk Trump, Russia, & the GOP
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 13, 2017

Radio host Laura Ingraham, an early and avid Trump supporter, joined Bill with her evaluation of the president's performance thus far.  "I think it's been really good," she said without hesitation.  "Amazing and positive things have been happening, even without the legislative results.  There have been some fantastic things on trade with our trading partners not taking advantage of us as much, not cheating as much.  Obviously, illegal immigration is also way down."

Ingraham was not quite as sanguine about health care reform:  "It was obvious from before the election that there would never be a majority of Republicans who are populist conservatives.  President Trump has dissipated his influence on Capitol Hill by the administration stepping on its own narrative.  The message on health care seems muddled and confused, while the Democrats have full unity in their resistance.  Republicans need to have a clear path forward on health care freedom, but they don't.  We should be the party of freedom!"  Bill warned that Republicans and President Trump are in danger of losing any good will that they have with the American people, saying, "He needs to get the health care bill passed and then segue right into tax cuts."

Bill and Laura turned to the unending Russia investigation.  "It's not going to stop," she lamented.  "Special Counsel Robert Mueller has put together a team of legal powerhouses, even though there is no underlying crime here.  And if there's no crime, you can't have obstruction of justice."  She also castigated President Trump for his incessant tweets:  "If he had no social media, there would not be a special counsel and he would be well on his way to getting some legislative victories.  Many of these wounds are self-inflicted and the fires are further fanned by media that are out to get him."

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