Bill O'Reilly and Mark Dice Discuss the Growing Fake News Problem in America
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 8, 2017

O’Reilly’s interview with Mark Dice, Author or “The True Story of Fake News”

The main point of my book, “The True Story of Fake News” is that most fake news comes from the liberal mainstream media, not the Russians or fake news websites that people spread through Facebook. I wrote the book to expose the manipulation of information by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

This isn’t an entirely new phenomenon; fake news goes back to when NBC was caught rigging a GM truck to blow up for a story about faulty gas tanks. NBC also edited the George Zimmerman 911 call. CBS radio spinning the Facebook Live torture incident making it sound as if white people tortured a black person. Newsweek’s ‘Koran in the toilet’ story that caused rioting.  CBS reporting on George W. Bush’s service record using fake documents.   Time magazine report claiming Trump removed the bust of Martin Luther King.  

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