Bill O'Reilly and Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix Discuss Campus Craziness
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 13, 2017

Jennifer Kabbany talks about college campus craziness

Jennifer Kabbany is the Editor of the College Fix- a publication of the Student Free Press Association. She joins us to discuss the crazy students and professors at some of these schools.

In the interview Jennifer says that she saw a need to train students on how to report the truth about what is going on at their campuses.

Are colleges and universities in America on the downside or are the examples listed above exceptions? Jennifer says that certainly there are good professors out there who try their best to present both sides, especially in the hard sciences and math. In the humanity majors it has become a train wreck, the secular progressives have taken over completely.

Day after day on The College Fix we’re posting absurd story after absurd story about insane situations on campuses.

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