O'Reilly (from his car) on the Firing of FBI Director James Comey
By: BOR StaffMay 9, 2017
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Bill O'Reilly here with a late breaking update on the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

I was in the car coming into Manhattan after I had recorded the No Spin News – which is in its entirety for Premium Members on BillOReilly.com – but this analysis about James Comey is for everyone.

So, what we have here is a very sudden letter signed by President Trump telling Comey he no longer is welcome to the run the Justice Department as the FBI chief. Now, I say run the Justice Department because he was in charge, Comey, of the investigations into Hillary Clinton's emails, allegations that some Trump campaign people consorted with Russians, and all of that kind of thing.

So, with Attorney General Sessions out of the loop, recusing himself from the Russian investigation, it was really Comey who was calling the shots.

Now, why did it happen? I don't know.

I don't know.

Now, you're going to hear on the news programs speculation all after speculation, after speculation – I am not going to do that.

What I will tell you is how it is going to be used.

So, Donald Trump, the President, in the letter, puts in the sentence about Comey telling him on three separate occasions that the President, Mr. Trump was not being investigated in the Russian kerfuffle.

So, that was put in there for a reason. And the reason was to deflect any kind of criticism that Trump may be removing Comey because of that investigation.

But, it just - it lit the fuse.

So, now you are hearing all the Democrats come out and saying, oh, this is Nixonian – President Trump fired Comey because Comey is getting too close to the Russian-Trump connection, blah, blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

Now, they are saying this with no evidence at all – none. And this is what these politicians do.

And you can hear it reliably picked up on CNN and MSNBC – all night long you are going to hear that. Speculation based on nothing. That Comey was ousted because he was making too much progress, and blah, blah blah, blah blah blah blah. That is what you are going to hear.

So, to me, that means nothing., it is annoying, and it is irresponsible.

Couple of things that we know: Director Comey was not a man who had much support in either party. So, the Republicans and anti-Hillary people felt that he should have indicted, or turned over evidence that led to an indictment in the email stuff of Hilary Clinton. He did not. Okay, and then, on the other side, the Democrats did not like the fact that he stepped up late in the campaign and said, oh, we are reopening things!

But here is the key. The big thing that happened this week is the revelation that Huma Abedin – which is Hillary Clinton's main adviser at this point, and was throughout the campaign – she funneled over thousands of emails to her husband, the notorious Anthony Wiener. That was a pretty shocking revelation this week.

So, that tells me that that may be in play here. That might be a reason – because they did not know this, before this week. We did not know of the Anthony Wiener involvement – Wiener is married to Abedin.

Abedin throws this stuff over to him, and by some accounts, it was classified information.

That is against the law – that alone should have led to an indictment, if there was classified information.

So, to me, something happened this week – and it was this week that it happened – that prompted President Trump and his advisers to say, Comey's gotta go.

It will come out – but it is not an instant play. So, you are going to have to listen to hours of B.S., hours of speculation, which mean, again, nothing – partisan garbage – on both sides, but primarily from the Democrats saying, oh, Trump is trying to get rid of him because he knew too much, blah, blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

Now, if you are Comey, you are basically taking copies of all your files, because if there is something wrong here – by wrong I mean, if Comey was doing his job, and now is fired because he was doing his job – Comey has got to get that out.

Now, I am not saying that happened. I am not a big Comey fan, I did not think he handled himself well, I did not like the fact that he put himself in the main position of being the judge and jury about Hillary Clinton's emails. I think he just should have handed it over to a grand jury and say, here's what we got.

Let the grand jury make the decision. Why is Comey making the decision?

It is not up to him to evaluate intent. He can have an opinion on it, but I did not like that. I think the Grand Jury should have made the decision on Hillary Clinton

There is a lot of stuff here – but it is a big story. It's very, very big. We are going to follow it, obviously, and we will give you the No Spin approach, no speculation approach, and we will chastise those who make a political deal out of it, as it is going to be tonight.

I mean, I am going out to a nice dinner in Manhattan, so I don't have to listen to this headache-inducing stuff. I do it for you, but I know what they are going to say already!

It is just irresponsible.

So, anyway, the entire No Spin News, recorded before the Comey firing, is available to BIllOReilly.com Premium Members. And if you are not a Premium Member, we hope you become one – it is well worth it, we got a lot of action, a lot of stuff going on on the website [and the audio quality is better].

And, I hope you enjoyed this analysis – it is an instant analysis, this just happened about an hour ago.

This is Bill O'Reilly signing off, and thanks for coming to my website.

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