Bill O'Reilly on Sean Hannity's Radio Program: Attacks on Fox News Anchors, 'Killing the SS' Still at No. 1
By: StaffNovember 8, 2018
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O’Reilly and Hannity discuss the attacks on successful Fox News anchors over the years and today. Bill actually had armed security guards sleeping inside his house for a time. It is so out of control – yet do we see a New York Times editorial on that? No. It has happened for years – and today they are inciting violence – which is a crime – so the hope here is that some of those people will be prosecuted. And it is often the far-left, as in the case of Tucker Carlson. 

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The guys also discuss pinhead Jim Acosta’s grandstanding. Acosta planned on going in to provoke Donald Trump. His bosses wanted that provocation. He knew he would get lauded.

Meanwhile: Killing the SS is befuddling them over at NYT - another week at number 1. Order a personalized copy of the book for Christmas or Hanukkah and get a free three month Premium Member Gift Certificate.

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