Bill O'Reilly: A travesty of justice in Norfolk, VA
By: StaffJanuary 25, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

As you may know, The Factor has been investigating a terrible crime in Norfolk, Virginia. On April 14, 2012, two reporters working at "The Virginian Pilot" newspaper were driving in a tough part of town after leaving a movie.

While stopped at a light, somebody threw a rock at their car, according to the police report. The man in the car, David Forster got out to confront the rock thrower, who was then attacked by a group of African- American teenagers. Police say a crowd of approximately 30 surrounded the car and about five thugs were involved in the assault on Mr. Forster. The woman in the car, Marjon Rostami was also attacked but managed to call 911 as did some other folks.


911 OPERATOR: Ok. What's going on at Church and Brambleton?

MARJON ROSTAMI, ATTACK VICTIM: (inaudible) Martin Luther King Plaza.

911 OPERATOR: Ok, they're beating him up?


911 OPERATOR: Ma'am, is somebody with you?

Are you ok? Ma'am?


911 OPERATOR: Can you put somebody around you on the phone?

DAVID FORSTER, ATTACK VICTIM: I was stopped at a light. Somebody threw something at my car. I stepped out and said something and then about ten guys came over and jumped me.

MALE WITNESS: There was a bunch of kids beating on this one man. It might have been ten or 15 kids. I don't know. A white male. I'm telling you, it's a white male. I hope you all hurry up and this guy's ok.

911 OPERATOR: Was he in the vehicle?

MALE WITNESS 2: I don't know what happened to that guy, but there was a lot of guys, people, black kids, kicking on a guy.


O'REILLY: Now, authorities kept that 911 call locked up but finally gave it to The Factor yesterday after we filed a Freedom of Information Act request, the second one we filed. The first one was denied.

A few weeks after the attack, police arrested and charged four teens, ages 13 to 16. But eventually charges were dropped against three of the four. Only a 17-year-old was convicted. His sentence? Probation. He was also ordered to pay $352 in restitution to cover the medical bills of the two reporters.

While investigating this story, it became apparent the city of Norfolk did not want to aggressively pursue the case. And even more troubling, the editor of "The Virginian Pilot" where the two victims worked, played it down.


DENIS FINLEY, EDITOR, VIRGINIAN PILOT: The story has been blown out of proportion and that's not to diminish the fact that I had two reporters who got beaten. But what it amounts to is a street altercation, not a mob attack. No evidence that it was a racial attack.


O'REILLY: Bull. "Talking Points" believes this was not a simple street altercation and there is no question it was a mob attack. Whether it was based on race is debatable. But for a group of assailants to beat up and terrorize two innocent Americans with dozens of witnesses watching and virtually nothing happens to them, well, this is a true travesty of justice.

The city of Norfolk depends on tourism. So it's obvious they don't want this story in the public arena. But my job here is to tell you the truth and expose wrongdoing. This whole case is shameful. And by the way, the Norfolk media attacked The Factor for its coverage of the crime. That is shameful as well.

And that's "The Memo."

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