Bill O'Reilly: Abraham Lincoln and the Next President of the United States
By: StaffSeptember 27, 2011
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By Bill O'Reilly

Most Americans well understand that the USA is not in good shape right now. The economy is very shaky, millions of Americans can't find jobs, and the national debt puts every single one of us in jeopardy. But the worst part is few solutions are in motion. So what the country needs right now is dramatic leadership.

Enter Abraham Lincoln. As you may know, my new book "Killing Lincoln" comes out Tuesday. It is a day-by-day micro look at what Lincoln, the greatest American president, went through during the last two weeks of his life.

I wrote this book so that Americans would understand the tremendous sacrifices President Lincoln made for his country and the amount of personal suffering that he went through in order to keep the union together. Simply put, we need another Abraham Lincoln right now.

Like America back in the mid-19th century, we are a divided nation. On one side are Americans who believe we need radical change in this country, that we are not a noble nation, that our economic system has to be torn down and that the old traditions are useless. That movement is led by secular-progressives. On the other side are folks who believe that capitalism and the traditional Judeo-Christian tenets should be retained because they have made the USA the strongest country on Earth.

President Obama is a progressive. He has tried to expand the government so it controls the medical industry and regulates the free marketplace to some extent. Mr. Obama's economic policies have obviously not worked; yet he still maintains the support of more than 40 percent of Americans. And next year's presidential race will be very competitive. Only a fool would count Mr. Obama out. But no matter who is elected president in 2012, that person must rise above partisan politics and do what is best for the country.

Abraham Lincoln was a hated man. The South despised him for obvious reasons, and many in the North loathed Lincoln as well. He had enemies everywhere, and he knew it. In fact, he knew he was going to be assassinated. We prove that in the book. Yet Lincoln did what was necessary to preserve the union, to strike down slavery and to reunite the country after the war. It was a brilliant achievement, and only Lincoln's strength of character -- only that -- made it happen.

Every American should know the true story of President Lincoln. It should be taught in every classroom and it should be widely discussed, because today in America only strong leadership will bring this country back. Abraham Lincoln's example should lead the way.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Our fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project was a smashing success thanks to you. The unique historical poster, signed by the five living presidents, went for $60,000. Marc Perlman from Rhode Island was the high bidder, and he is a patriot, as well as a lucky guy; the poster is a fabulous piece of history. Way to go, Marc.

In addition, if you donate $25 or more to the Wounded Warrior Project, you get a facsimile of the document Marc now owns. So far we've raised $135,000 in that program, for a grand total of $195,000.

Everyone who helps the Warriors is a patriot.

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