Bill O'Reilly: America in danger
By: StaffMarch 19, 2014
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By Bill O'Reilly

The blatant violation of international law by Russia puts all of us, all of us in serious jeopardy because Putin is getting away with seizing land that belongs to Ukraine other bad people are taking notice. Today Putin justified his aggressive action.


VLADIMIR PUTIN, PRESIDENT OF RUSSISA: Our main partners in the United States and their practical policy prefer not to use international law but the law of the strong and what they are doing. They believe in their uniqueness that they can rule the world, that they can always be right.


O'REILLY: It's clear Putin is going to do exactly what he wants to do and that includes taking over weak countries. He well understands the Western democracies are weak themselves, debt-ridden and selfish. Therefore, we can expect the following unintended consequences.

A, North Korea, most likely get more aggressive towards South Korea -- last weekend they fired missiles in a provocative way. B, the Syrian butcher Assad will most likely regain control of that country and another blood bath will ensue. C, China will most likely seize a small island chain currently governed by Japan. And worst of all, Iran will most likely ramp up its nuclear weapons activity, knowing that Putin will no longer embrace sanctions once the West starts to sanction him.

President Obama has announced that the G7 will meet next week in Holland to discuss punishing Russia. If the G7 does impose harsh sanctions, Putin will then align himself with Iran knocking out the nuke weapons negotiations.

So you can see what a big mess this is. And you can also see that President Obama has little power to do much about it. In the short-term Putin is willing to take some economic pain to conquered territory and believe me this thug is not going to stop. He is going to cause a much trouble as he can because that diverts attention away from the bad Russian economy. By using military power Putin becomes a big hero rather than being seen as the incompetent administrator he is.

The truth is that President Obama tried to soft power policy and it has failed dismally. We are living in a very dangerous world where killers rule, intimidate and inflict massive damage on innocent people. The North Koreans, Chinese, Iranians and Syrians will kill anybody without remorse.

So while many Americans are obsessed with a missing jet liner in South Asia they are totally missing the danger that confronts this country. Back in 1979, Iranians took 52 American hostages and held them for about a year and a half. That destroyed President Carter's credibility. It ruined him.

Now, President Obama is facing a similar situation with Putin and make no mistake about it Putin is out to destroy Barack Obama and badly damage the USA. And that's "The Memo."

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