Bill O'Reilly: Another victory over terrorism
By: StaffApril 22, 2014
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By Bill O'Reilly

Today in Boston, 36,000 people ran the marathon without incident. The winner, 38-year-old American Meb Keflezighi who crossed the finish line with 11 seconds to spare. More than one million people watched the marathon in person there were no incidents that we know of.

So this is clearly a victory over terrorism. The two men who attacked the marathon last year the Tsarnaev brothers disgraced their religion, Islam and their country. The oldest Tamerlan on the left is dead. His 20 year old brother Dzhokhar awaiting trial in the fall could be executed.

Again, we applaud the people of Boston who showed their true character by refusing to give in to terrorism at all. And generally speaking, that's the attitude of most Americans. However, however, there is some trouble on the horizon.

Here in New York City, the very liberal new Mayor Bill de Blasio has canceled undercover police operations targeting militant Muslims. Writing in the "New York Post" today, former deputy police commissioner Paul Browne says that's foolish. Mr. Browne cites a number of examples of terrorists captured before they could kill because of targeted NYPD operations.

For example, this man 21-year-old Raees Qazi, arrested in November 2012 by federal officers based on information provided by the NYPD who located and followed this man. After surveying him with other militant Muslims. Mr. Qazi now awaiting trial on terrorism charges apparently he was planning to bomb a New York City tourist attraction.

Mr. Browne cites a number of other successful surveillance operations. But Mayor de Blasio playing to his far left base doesn't want militant Muslims under watch in his city unless there is probable cause -- a much more difficult prospect for police. So once again political correctness puts all New Yorkers in danger. Under the previous NYPD policy, information was gathered, no one was intruded upon. It was simply a watch game.

Over the Easter weekend, dozens of suspected al Qaeda, who were watched by our intelligence agencies, were killed by drones in Yemen. And last week the world saw pictures of al Qaeda fighters brazenly operating in the open.

So here is a bulletin to Mayor de Blasio and others who are blase about terrorism. If these jihadists could kill us, they would. And if you are elected to the office, your primary responsibility is to protect people, not to pander to them.

"Talking Points" predicts there will come a time when America will be attacked again. All we can hope for is that the damage will be limited and that the foolish, foolish mistake of Mayor de Blasio is not involved in any way.

That's "The Memo."

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