Bill O'Reilly: Congress Forbidden to Wish Merry Christmas on Tax Payer Dime
By: StaffDecember 20, 2011
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By Bill O'Reilly

As everybody knows except the ACLU, Christmas is a federal holiday signed into law by President Grant in 1870.

But last week members of Congress received a memo from the Franking Commission, those are the folks who tell Congress people who gets free mail and who doesn't. Saying that a "Merry Christmas" sentiment, not allowed that taxpayers should not be fitting the bill for that.

In fact, the congressional handbook says that personal greetings cannot be mailed free only business stuff falls under that banner. And that makes sense especially because the federal government is broke. Now, there is a loophole. If a Congressperson sends you a letter stating how great they are, which is what the free mail is usually used for, they can tag the greatness sentiment with a happy holiday season or something.

But not Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. Oh, no. The entire holiday season must be mentioned. So a federal holiday cannot be part of the mailing to you. How dumb is this? Incredibly dumb.

Now, I don't want to be picking up the tab for Nancy Pelosi's holiday card list. I support the ban on that. But at the end of Nancy's assertion that her wisdom is saving the USA from peril, she should be allowed to say Merry Christmas. Not that she would ever say that but she should be allowed.

If Ulysses Grant were alive today he might well put on a civil war uniform and invade the mail room of the U.S. capital freeing the people there from stupidity.

Christmas is not a word anyone should be ashamed of. It is the law of the land. Federal workers and almost everyone else do not have to labor on that day. That alone we should all be merry.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il" is dead. Wouldn't want to be him if there's an after-life situation. Know what I mean?

Anyway, the government in North Korea released video of a few women wailing, wailing. But if you look closely, there aren't any tears. Aha! They most likely paid these poor women to put on the show. There's like eight of them. Not too many normal people cry for mass murderers.

The rulers in North Korea are being pinheads, very dangerous (ph).

See, no tears when you're crying, bad sign.

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