Bill O'Reilly: Disrespecting Michele Bachmann
By: StaffNovember 29, 2011
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By Bill O'Reilly

As you may know one week ago NBC's Jimmy Fallon program played a disrespectful song in introducing Congresswoman Bachmann. The action was premeditated and embarrassing but as "Talking Point" reported last week that kind of thing is not unusual anymore. That's why I called out Headline News when Joy Behar and Ellen Barkin lied about this program on the air. We asked Headline to apologize, it would not.

NBC has apologized to Mrs. Bachmann privately.


REP. MICHELE BACHMAN (R-MN), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Of course I accept the apology but my guess is it would have been the president of NBC that would have been apology -- apologizing not a senior vice president of programming. If a Don Imus or someone does something as questionable they're thrown off the air. But when something is done to a conservative it's just passed off and forgotten.


O'REILLY: Now the important point in all of this is that media standards have pretty much collapsed. That's dangerous. Americans need the media to be honest watchdogs not ideological lap dogs. When you have major media doing things that are dishonest and disrespectful without any sanctions you have a major problem.

To be fair since Comcast took over NBC, things have been better over there. The far-left MSNBC Network which routinely slandered people in the past has been toned down a bit. I believe Comcast does have standards but the company has its hands full as the Fallon episode demonstrates.

The same with CNN. I was very surprised that Headline News did not do the right thing and repudiate what happened on the "Behar Show". Yes, they have cancelled the program but that was in motion before the latest smear.

If the American people cannot trust its press then the Republic is in trouble. We all know that part of the Internet is a sewer and sadly it looks like the mainstream media is following that path.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

When I was a kid, I used to watch Joe Kapp play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He was a gutsy guy. Well, apparently, Mr. Kapp, who is 73 years old right now, is still very macho. In Vancouver, Canada, Kapp ran into a former defense attorney, Angelo Mosco. Things did not turn out well.





O'REILLY: Wow! They were brawling, those guys. Mosco's 74. But there's no statute of limitations on being pinheads. Both of those guys are. Come on, guys.

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