Bill O'Reilly: Does Obama Want to Run Against Gingrich or Romney?
By: StaffDecember 11, 2011
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By Bill O'Reilly

The Romney campaign believes that Mr. Obama would much rather face Newt Gingrich than their guy in the election next year.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why is this man smiling? Because his plan is working. Brutally attack Mitt Romney and hope Newt Gingrich is his opponent.

Why? Newt has a ton of baggage. Newt has been on all sides. He supports amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. Gingrich even teamed up with Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore on global warming. And Newt was a long- time supporter of a national health insurance mandate, the centerpiece of Obama care.


O'REILLY: The polls seem to back up that political ad. A new Fox News survey says in a proposed matchup next year, President Obama and Mitt Romney are just about tied within the margin of error of the poll. But the President defeats Newt Gingrich 46 to 40. Among likely Republican primary voters it is a far different story with Newt Gingrich leading Mitt Romney by 13 points.

Now, as we have been reporting, polls say most Republican voters have not yet made up their minds even though the Iowa vote is less than four weeks away. So obviously anything can happen. But at this point... at this point it looks like a two man race between Romney and Gingrich.

The interesting part about that is the style difference between the two men. Gingrich is a bomb thrower and will go after President Obama big time but the former Speaker's flamboyant style alienates some Independent voters and conservative Democrats who might well vote against President Obama if a less polarizing candidate is on the ballot.

That's what Mitt Romney is selling, that he is the more reasonable choice to up against the Democratic machine.

Both Romney and Gingrich say they will reduce taxes and the size of government. They both believe Mr. Obama's social justice policies do not work.

So there is not too much of a philosophical difference between the two. So it comes down to a matter of style. And "Talking Points" believes the competition between Romney and Gingrich will be very intense.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

As you may know, Jon Stewart and I are going back and forth over the "War on Christmas".


JON STEWART, HOST, COMEDY CENTRAL'S "THE DAILY SHOW": A couple of nights ago, I responded to the ginned-up outrage many Christmas celebrants feel when they are unable to celebrate Christmas at all times in all places.

Last night one of Santa's unusually large elves fired back.

O'REILLY: Our pal Jon Stewart is following the various Christmas controversies very closely.

Now, there is no question that Mr. Stewart is going to hell.

STEWART: I know.

But here's where you and your minions don't understand, O'Reilly. Your hell doesn't scare me. I make my living watching FOX News eight hours a day. I'm already in hell! Boom! Boom! Your move, O'Reilly.


O'REILLY: My move, Stewart? All right, here's my move. How can you watch eight hours of FOX News every day and still be a pinhead?

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