Bill O'Reilly: Dueling agendas over Syria
By: StaffSeptember 5, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

Now last night we gave you the big picture on Syria. That "Talking Points" memo is posted on You might want to check it out.

Many Americans are confused over the issue because it is a complicated mess. Just to sum up, I believe there is overwhelming evidence that the Syrian tyrant Assad did gas civilians including children. I also think if the U.S.A. does nothing about that that will embolden our enemy and lead to nastier things down the road. Of course that is speculation.

But there is no doubt that people like Putin and the Mullahs in Iran believe President Obama is weak and so is America in general. Now, you don't start military action to prove you're not weak. That's foolish.

But since World War II, America has been the moral force in the world even though we've made tactical mistakes that have damaged the nation. The truth is it would be much easier for the country not to get involved with Syria. In the short run, that would be a much safer strategy. But in the long run, it would be dangerous. Left unchecked, evil flourishes, so if we sit out Syria, believe me, we'll be facing every pressure down the road most likely with weapons of mass destruction delivered by terrorists doing the bidding of Iran and other rogue nations.

Now because of that continuing threat killers like Assad have to be confronted. Like Saddam he is a war criminal. But unlike Saddam he is in bed with Iran and with a number of terrorist groups. So as long as he's in power, the Middle East will be unstable. It's certainly true that nobody knows what will happen when Assad goes. Just like Libya and Egypt, chaos is likely.

But "Talking Points" believes that if Congress votes to support a limited military strike against Syria, Americans should rally behind that putting politics aside. If Congress says no, however, President Obama should not, should not launch an attack because that would create amazing chaos within America. We don't want that. It's not worth it.

Summing up, "Talking Points" believes Assad did gas civilians, that he is a war criminal, that allowing him to go unpunished will cause many more problems for America down the road. And I hope Congress sees it that way.

That's "The Memo."

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