Bill O'Reilly: Gambling with your safety
By: StaffApril 23, 2014
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By Bill O'Reilly

President Obama and Attorney General Holder want to change the criminal code when it comes to some dope dealers. They believe in some cases, the drug laws in America are unfair.

Right now, 80 percent of those incarcerated in this country abuse drugs or alcohol; 50 percent of prison inmates are clinically addicted; and 60 percent tested positive for illegal drugs at the time they were arrested; 21 percent of all prison inmates are doing time because of, quote, "nonviolent drug crimes."

Now, nonviolent crime means the perpetrator did not use force during the illegal transaction outside of selling poison, of course. And therein lies the controversy here. The act of giving another person a substance that could kill them or alter their minds so they kill somebody else surely is an aggressive action. I believe it's a violent action. The President and Attorney General obviously do not.

Since tough mandatory drug sentencing was imposed, the nation's crime rate has plummeted. In fact, in 2011 violent felonies were down 75 percent compared to 1993 -- amazing. That's because many drug gang members are in prison.

Remember, the drug world is not some isolated situation. Addicts steal, mug and commit other crimes. Dealers kill people for territory. Payment and rival gangs attack each other all the time for a variety of reasons. We are seeing that now in Chicago where the murder rate is horrific.

The drug culture is not some benign opium den where people sit around contemplating their pipe dreams. Drug trafficking is aggressive, nasty, brutal and inhumane in the extreme. It enslaves people, robs them of their dignity, and substance abuse harm and neglect children at a frightening rate. Yet, some of these abusers are now being portrayed as victims, nonviolent offenders.

Again, if you are peddling heroin or crack or meth, you are harming people. "Talking Points" believes that giving drug-involved people leniency will escalate the crime rate in this country across the board. It took decades to bring violent crime in America under control. And the reason it happened was aggressive policing, aggressive sentencing, no pity for bad people. Ask any cop on the street. And they will tell you that.

But now we're living in a very liberal time where sympathy for the devil on a number of fronts is growing. Yes. America has the highest incarceration rate in the Western world. But that's because we are a nation that embraces drug abuse. From marijuana to prescription drugs to heroin, this country is hooked. And if we don't deal with that reality, all of us are going to suffer. Just a matter of when. And that's "The Memo."

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