Bill O'Reilly: Has liberalism won in America?
By: StaffFebruary 26, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

Last week radio commentator Rush Limbaugh put forth that because many Americans are ill-informed, liberalism has won the ideological struggle in this country. Mr. Limbaugh believes that the left controls the education system, pop culture and the media. And he's not wrong about those situations, but I do not believe that liberal thought is now dominant in the USA.

However, the country is changing quickly into an entitlement society. It's not so much that apathetic Americans are embracing the tenets of the left, it's just that they are selfish and they want money for nothing as "Dire Straits" once sang.

However, there is a big shift in some social matters. In 2001, just 35 percent of Americans favor gay marriage, now 48 percent do. In 2003, just 34 percent of Americans thought marijuana should be legalized and now 48 percent do. So you can see on those issues big change has occurred.

However, in 2002 a Gallup poll asked do you think it's the responsibility of the federal government to provide all Americans with healthcare coverage? 62 percent of Americans back then said "Yes." It is the responsibility of the feds to provide health care. Now that number has dropped to 44 percent most likely because many Americans don't like the Obamacare law. That is not a liberal trend.

So "Talking Points" believes that we are in the struggle to define America. The left has powerful agents in the media and pop culture. The right is disorganized and lacks leadership, but if a charismatic conservative leader can emerge and can fight off the media jackals that person can turn the country to the right. Why? Because inherently America is a place of achievement, we've always been that.

It's true that more Americans today want handouts than ever before, but that can be reversed because of self-interests. Once Americans understand that if the government becomes a nanny state with high taxation everywhere, it'll be ten times harder for anyone to succeed on a grand scale.

There is no question that President Obama and the Democratic Party want to take things away from successful Americans. That is not an attractive proposition to most people as the polls say.

But the right has not been able to articulate the danger of the nanny state and a socialistic philosophy. There've always been selfish Americans. There have always been people who see themselves as victims and want to be paid for their perceived suffering. We've always had that.

Now those people are in a comfort zone because their victimization isn't being challenged. It's being encouraged by the Obama administration.

But once the nanny state victimization mentality begins to get hammered in an effective way, it will quickly fall apart as fair-minded hard-working Americans will reject it. Therefore, the left has not won in America, not yet.

And that's "The Memo."

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