Bill O'Reilly: Huge reaction to my memo last night
By: StaffJuly 24, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

First of all, if you want to see what I said last night, please go to or Also my remarks are all over cyberspace today. The gist of my memo is that the civil rights industry and our leadership in Washington will not take on the black crime problem because in order to do so, black culture would have to change.

Any thinking person knows the Zimmerman/Martin case was unintended consequence of fear. Zimmerman thought Martin suspicious because of the way he looked. So far there has been no credible challenge to what I said last night because facts are facts. Young black men commit murder at 10 times, 10 times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. The country's failure to deal with poverty and crime in the black precincts is a disgrace. That is true racism.

And there are other problems that could be solved as well. But our leadership lacks the will. Two big examples. Gun crimes... the solution is not the seizure of weapons a clear violation of Second Amendment but a streamlined approach to punishing thugs who carry illegal guns. Each state should be free to make its own gun laws but the feds should criminalize all gun crimes and impose strict mandatory sentences upon conviction.

For example, if a stop and frisk operation here in New York City takes an illegal gun away from somebody, that somebody gets a mandatory five years in a federal pen. If that somebody commits a robbery with a gun, he or she gets 10 years. Assault with a gun? 15 years. That zero tolerance policy would drastically reduce gun crime throughout the USA.

How about illegal immigration? The solution here is to make illegal entry into the United States a crime not a civil beef like it is now. Overstay your visa or sneak into the country, $10,000 fine. You can't pay it, six months in a detention center. If you're deported and come back here, 10 years in the federal pen. You want to stop illegal entry, that will stop it. Also, if business owners hire illegal aliens, $10,000 fine for each person. There you go. I just solved the gun and immigration problems.

But there is little will in Washington or in the media to embrace tough solutions. It's much easier for politicians and pundits to mouth all kinds of platitudes and theory have a conversation.

Meantime, people are dying. And that's "The Memo."

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