Bill O'Reilly: Is the USA really becoming a nation that embraces barbarism?
By: StaffFebruary 25, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

As we reported earlier this week, a number of judges and politicians are doing things that harm defenseless children and babies in the womb. To me, as an American, that is unacceptable. If you're going to hurt children, I am going to come after you.

As you may know, The Factor has long advocated for Jessica's Law. Back in 2005, nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford, brutally raped and murdered in Florida by a convicted sex offender named John Couey who never should have been out on the street. The Justice Department in Florida allowed Couey to escape a fair punishment for his past deeds.

Now after that murder, Florida, Texas and a number of other states quickly passed laws that sentenced child rapists to prison for decades, sometimes even for life. But some states were resistant. So we began to move. The Factor's campaign proved to be very effective, with 43 states eventually passing some version of Jessica's Law.

Just this month the two of the holdouts, New Jersey and Idaho, have begun to come around. On February 12th in Boise, a bill was introduced that would give child rapists in Idaho a minimum sentence of 25 years. We expect the good people of Idaho to demand their politicians pass that bill. Governor Butch Otter told us he will sign it

In New Jersey, the state assembly voted yesterday 77-0 to pass Jessica's Law. We believe the Senate will go along and Governor Christie has told us he will sign that bill.

So that leaves just five states that continue to refuse to protect their children. They are Hawaii, Colorado, New York State, Illinois and Vermont. Vermont is a hopeless situation. Its run by far-left zealots who couldn't care less about children. I feel sorry for the good people of Vermont. Their state has been flooded by outsiders who can now vote, turning the green mountain state into a secular paradise.

Hawaii is similar. It's about as far-left as you can get. In fact, in the Aloha State, they have tougher laws protecting animals than protecting children. It is absolutely disgraceful.

In Colorado, we have yet another troubling situation. This man, Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino is doing everything he can to make sure Jessica's Law does not pass. Ferrandino has been invited on this broadcast, but is too cowardly to come on. He is a true villain.

Just to show you how sleazy this guy is, a version of Jessica's Law was recently introduced into the Colorado legislature.

But Ferrandino sent it to the House State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee because he knew that committee would kill the bill, which it did. Now, I lived in Colorado for two years. It's a beautiful state. But like Vermont, it has changed drastically because outsiders have moved in.

But the good people of Colorado, the good people should now rise up against their corrupt state legislature. Right now if you rape a child in Colorado, you could be sentenced to four years in prison. That's just horrifying.

Now to the judges. The reason we have to have Jessica's law is that a few, and I mean that, a few American judges do not see the sexual exploitation of children as a serious problem. We saw that in Vermont. And in New Jersey, we made a major case out of the Supreme Court there failing to take any action at all against a woman who ingested cocaine two days before giving birth. The five Jersey justices basically telling the world the Garden State will not protect babies in the womb.

Again, unacceptable but perhaps the most egregious situation is the one in New York State. Governor Andrew Cuomo will not get behind Jessica's law. We've tried for months to get his attention on the issue. He refuses to do anything. However, if you look at Cuomo's resume, that's not surprising. He does not seem to care about the safety of children. In fact, he's behind a proposed new law that would allow abortions in New York State to be performed at any time for pretty much any reason. Cuomo wants to decriminalize all abortion activity. That means if a 12-year-old girl goes in for an abortion, the state of New York will not investigate how the girl got pregnant.

Obviously a 12-year-old seeking an abortion has been the victim of statutory rape. Cuomo doesn't care.

Now, what can you do? Well, you can contact Governor Cuomo and ask him not to pursue this extreme abortion measure. And also to get behind Jessica's Law. If you're go to, we have all the information for you. You can do it on the net and you can tell him that his behavior toward children is barbaric because it is. Again, the information to contact Governor Andrew Cuomo is on

As a Roman Catholic, Cuomo should know better. And if there is indeed a judgment day, he better bring a good lawyer. "Talking Points" does not like to pinpoint Americans in this way. I have nothing against Cuomo or Speaker Ferrandino in Colorado. But I do not want my country to be a place of barbarism and I will fight against that.

There comes a point where all good citizens must stand up for the most defenseless among us.

And that's "The Memo."

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