Bill O'Reilly: It's all about money
By: StaffOctober 2, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

The upcoming presidential vote all about cash and how we Americans process it.

Barack Obama wants to redistribute income, regulate the economy from Washington and generally set up a socially just economic system that guarantees outcomes. Those who are getting other people's money from the Feds or states tend to support the President, that's logical.

But these folks may be short-sighted. If the USA continues to run up staggering debt our economy will eventually collapse. And the dependent will get hurt the most.

All over the world there is a struggle for fairness, for justice as far as money is concerned. The United Nations, once again proposing a global tax on billionaires. One percent of their wealth would be given to the U.N. to disperse throughout the third world.

It's not going to happen but that's what many people want to see -- wealthy people being forced to give up their assets to a controlling power. The problem with that is that the controlling power is often corrupt, inept and/or apathetic. Does anyone believe the U.N. spends money responsibly? Anyone? Bueller?

How about the USA? The more money Washington gets the more it wastes. Why? Because we don't have enough federal workers to police the entitlements. Hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted or stolen.

We all remember this guy in the bathtub, GSA federal executive Jeff Neeley partying in Vegas. His crew ran up $825,000 in expenses for nothing. They just wanted to live large on the taxpayer dime.

How about the Drug Enforcement Agency? A few years ago it sent 368 people to Istanbul for a conference. The taxpayer tab, $1.2 million dollars. More than a thousand dollars a day for each American at the event. Now I could sit here all night and give you stuff like that.

So when you hear President Obama saying the rich are not paying their fair share you know that's code for we want as much money as we can get and we'll dole it out as we see fit.

There are some government programs that work but most don't. Education for example can't be improved from Washington. It has to be done in your hometown. You guys have to do it by forcing local school administrators to impose discipline and actually teach the children subjects that matter.

When Americans vote in November, they will be voting for one of two things. The free marketplace, capitalistic approach espoused by Mitt Romney or the social justice, spread the money around approach championed by the President.

America is a changing country, that's why in this bad economy President Obama is hanging tough.

And that's "The Memo."

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