Bill O'Reilly: Media coverage of the Al Gore-Al Jazeera story
By: StaffJanuary 15, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

No surprise the network news pretty much ignored Al Gore selling his far-left cable network to Al Jazeera. Scant mention. MSNBC in prime time didn't mention it at all. Again are you surprised?

But think about this what if Mitt Romney had sold one of his companies to Al Jazeera? Think the national news media would have ignored it? They would not. They would have been hysterical. And that proves once again how corrupt the national media really is. The same standards of reportage are not applied to Republicans and Democrats. Liberal Democrats like Al Gore are favored big time.

Now one guy who did address the issue is "New York Post" media writer Phil Mushnick. In his column on Sunday, Mushnick said this, quote, "As a private citizen Gore should not have been able to make such a transaction unless he was registered as a certified foreign agent," unquote.

Mushnick pointing to the fact that the country of Qatar owns Al Jazeera but Mushnick is not correct. There is no federal law restricting the sale of an American cable network to a foreign government. You see that's an example of what we do here, fair reporting, even if it's favorable to a guy we don't have much use for, Al Gore.

But Mr. Mushnick was correct when he wrote this. Quote, "Qatar has been ruled by the Emirs of the Al Thani family since 1850, it's known to provide funds and vocal, visual support to Islamic radicals. Qatari women are treated in the standard regional, religionist-approved matter, they do as ordered by men. And according to workers and human rights organizations -- groups Gore and liberal Current TV voices relied on for facts and outrage the most backbreaking jobs in Qatar's oil fields are held by laborers shipped from Africa and Asia who are paid bare-subsistence wages. That this is a country with which Gore chose to do big handshake business is one ugly thing," unquote.

And certainly that is true. Al Gore sold out his principles to people who are not friendly to human rights, who make massive money trafficking in oil and who couldn't care less about Gore's big passion, global warming.

So in the eyes of fair-minded Americans Al Gore has to be an unbelievable hypocrite. But you would not know that by watching the network news where the story was almost totally ignored. The implication of this is huge for American people. No longer -- no longer are we getting fair news coverage from many broadcast operations. The print press is almost as bad but the "New York Times" did break the Gore story to its credit.

We are living in a complicated age where the federal government is amassing enormous power over all our lives. The harsh truth is the American press which is supposed to look out for all the folks often ignore stories that go against their guys. And since the national media is overwhelmingly liberal conservative Americans are getting hammered. And that is the truth.

And that is "The Memo."

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