Bill O'Reilly: More turbulence in the Republican Party
By: StaffFebruary 9, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

Congratulations to Rick Santorum who won the votes in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado last night, certainly a good showing for him and a poor showing for Mitt Romney. Pretty much the same old story conservative voters do not seem to trust the governor.

The Democratic Party has to be very pleased because their divide and conquer philosophy is working perfectly. As the Republican candidates are still on the merry-go-round and can't build any individual strength.

The other thing we learned today is that most Americans are not even following the presidential race very closely. According to a Pew Research survey just 29 percent of Americans say they are paying close attention. And for those younger than 49, just 22 percent are closely following the election. That of course, helps President Obama because everybody knows him. They don't know the Republican candidates.

In the same poll cable news now the primary choice for election coverage; 36 percent of Americans turn to us to learn about the campaigns; 32 percent turn to their local TV news; 26 percent to the network news; a very low number for them; 25 to the Internet; paltry 20 percent to the newspapers.

So here is what all this means. President Obama is not really being challenged at the moment. Republican Party remains divided. Mitt Romney still ahead most likely to win the nomination but he might be seen as a weak choice at least at first. Again, most Americans don't even know anything about the governor.

Also the Fox News Channel is the go-to place for election news. Right now we're dominating, beating our cable news competition across the board. In fact THE FACTOR defeats all the other cable stations combined at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Thank you.

And finally with nine months to go before the presidential vote the picture we see today is not... I repeat not... the picture we're going to see next November except for the Fox News Channel will be even stronger then. Things are going to change politically drastically, bank on it.

Well, that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots.

As you may remember, Tom Brady's wife, Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, was angry that some of the Patriot receivers dropped a few of her husband's passes. Ms. Bundchen has taken a lot of heat for that.

But now, some of her fellow models are coming to her defense.


ADRIANA LIMA, MODEL: I'm sure she did not mean anything bad, you know, about it. And being a celebrity, anything you do, you say, you're followed by everything. You're judged by anything you do, by any movement. So I do feel bad. I think, you know, people should relax a little bit.


O'REILLY: All right, relaxing is good and for sticking up for her friend, Ms. Lima is a patriot. Pardon the pun. Not really a Patriot, but if she were, she would have caught those passes. No, that's not fair. Russ Walford (ph) is a brilliant receiver. Everybody is entitled to drop one.

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