Bill O'Reilly: More unbelievable propaganda from the federal government -- paid for by you and me
By: StaffFebruary 22, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

As we reported last Thursday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has hired a man named Samuel Betances to conduct quote, "cultural sensitivity training" for USDA employees.

Betances has used his paid position to demean the United States and to indoctrinate his captive audience.


BETANCES: I want you to say "If we work for a federal agency." Say that.

PEOPLE: If we work for a federal agency.

BETANCES: "We have discriminated in the past."

PEOPLE: We have discriminated in the past.

BETANCES: Mexicans came to this country last night and illegally. Never mind that the United States expanded and took over what used to be Mexico. If the truth be known in a lot of these circumstances, if you tell some of these Mexicans go back where you came from they go to Texas, California and Arizona.


O'REILLY: Now the watch dog group Judicial Watch obtained that video and many others showing similar rants by Betances through the Freedom of Information Act. In 2012 documents show that sensitivity seminars were held at least 16 times costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So my question is why is this happening? It's a total waste of taxpayer money and insulting to the country. "Talking Points" believes the reason stuff like this goes on is the culture of liberalism that has now gripped Washington. With a liberal President and Senate the message has gone out progressive thought is in. And you know what? That's fine if it's simply expression.

But once the taxpayer gets charged for the propaganda, that's malfeasance, that's a misappropriation of taxpayer dollars. The direct villain here is USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, the former Governor of Iowa. A very liberal guy, Vilsack is apparently committed to imposing liberal thought on the people who work for him. Note the word "imposing." Contents put out there by Betances isn't challenged.

The big picture here is that the Obama Administration is not only espousing liberal policy it is now demanding that federal employees toe the line. Again, that's not what the federal government's in business to do. It's supposed to represent all of the people. Not just the far left.

I mean this guy Betances is off the chart. Mexicans have a right to violate immigration law because of the Mexican-American war in the mid 19th century? Is that what the guy is saying? Yes, that's what he's saying. And we are paying for it. Just another add on to the $17 trillion national debt. I now pronounce the federal government officially out of control.

And that's "The Memo."

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