Bill O'Reilly: Politics and Killer Tornadoes
By: StaffMay 2, 2011
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By Bill O'Reilly

The devastation in Alabama and five other Southern states is brutal. Billions in damage and more than 300 Americans dead. All of this because of vicious storms that are impossible to predict.

As "The Factor" reported Thursday night, it looks like more deadly twisters could arrive in May because of cooling going on in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists say that is causing turbulence in the atmosphere above the USA, thus the killer storms are developing.

The cleanup will cost the federal government billions, but here there is no question about spending the money. The feds must help Americans who lost everything, and Washington must keep an eye on the private insurance companies to make sure they live up to their commitments.

As "Talking Points" has said many times, that's why we have a federal government: to protect the American people and to make sure justice is done. The problem is that the government doesn't have any money. We are now borrowing $189 million every hour to keep the federal apparatus up and running. $189 million every hour. Astounding.

Perhaps partly because of that, President Obama got some bad news Friday morning from a new Marist College McClatchy Poll. It says that 57 percent of registered voters now disapprove of Mr. Obama's economic management; just 40 percent say he's doing a good job in that area. That is the lowest score of the Obama presidency.

Almost everyone agrees that economics will decide the 2012 election, so this poll spells trouble for Mr. Obama. But his opposition remains undefined.

The Trump challenge has changed the landscape for the Republican Party. As we reported Thursday night, GOP primary voters now favor Mr. Trump. But only eight percent of Republicans in general support him according to a new Fox News poll.

That really doesn't matter at this point because Mr. Trump is a force. But that force is not controllable, as demonstrated in Las Vegas on Thursday:


DONALD TRUMP, REAL ESTATE MOGUL: The messenger is important. I could have one man say we're going to tax you 25 percent, and I could say another, listen you (EXPLETIVE DELETED), we're going to tax you 25 percent.


Trump talking about slapping a 25 percent tariff on the Chinese. However, it is hard to imagine an American president saying the m-fer word in public. We are really in new territory here.

On the Democratic side, they've got to be worried. All the numbers say Mr. Obama is losing the confidence of the American people, so we expect the Democrats to start playing the trump card, literally, trying to create chaos within Republican ranks.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Friday morning on the Fox Business Network, the "Imus" crew mocked the royal wedding, including Margaret Thatcher.


"MARGARET THATCHER": Such a pleasure to be here with an icon of radio, this show.

DON IMUS, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: What are your observations up to this point?

"THATCHER": The Queen Mother dressed up like Pac-Man, apparently, all in yellow. Lovely. Chasing fruit around the aisles. What a fetid, decaying mass of flesh she is.

IMUS: People love the queen.

"THATCHER": She's so old she could have bought the Shroud of Turin at a white sale.


So is that bit pinheaded or patriotic? Please vote on I'm sorry. All you guys watching in the British Isles, we're commoners.

Thursday night we showed you a very scary thing: Prince Charles breakdancing. As I said, some things should simply never happen, and most of you agreed with me. Sixty-five percent say the prince is a pinhead for this display, and 35 percent somehow believe he's a patriot.

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