Bill O'Reilly: President Obama and war
By: StaffJanuary 9, 2014
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By Bill O'Reilly

You may remember former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates one of the few holdovers by President Obama. Secretary Gates served as President Bush's top defense guy.

Well, now Mr. Gates has written a new book and some people are upset. According to the "The Washington Post", which has read the book, Gates says that President Obama was not convinced U.S. strategy in Afghanistan would work and wanted, above all, to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan and before that Iraq.

Also Gates says the President did not trust military leaders in general, no pun intended. So my question is, are you surprised? Are you? President Obama is a committed liberal man. He does not like war. He does not like confrontation and believes social justice programs are hurt by military spending. That's been the liberal point of view in this country since 1967.

Mr. Gates says Hillary Clinton was a bit tougher than Mr. Obama but again usually took a liberal line as Secretary of State. Gates goes on to say Vice President Biden was the softest on national defense, pretty much not wanting anything to do with it. Again, anybody surprised by this? Biden didn't even want to do the bin Laden raid.

The one thing that does surprise me about President Obama is his aggressive use of drones to decimate terrorists. The far left hates that. But to his credit, Mr. Obama has used drone warfare in a very effective way in order to protect this country.

The truth is that the nature of warfare is changing dramatically in the world. There is no way any country can control chaotic nations like Iraq and Afghanistan it's impossible unless you impose a Nazi-like regime where you execute people at will.

So the United States can't nation-build any longer. And we do have to get out of situations that drain our blood and treasure. We have to use high tech weapons to wreak havoc among those who threaten us and selective boots on the ground, Special Forces, not mass forces to impose order.

So President Obama is not wrong when he is skeptical of Iraq and Afghanistan. The problem with the Commander-in-Chief is that he does not seem to have the will to win. He doesn't have a killer instinct to wage an effective war. I suspect Robert Gates and every single American commanding officer knows that.

Gates does say nice things about the President in the book. He had to do that or be branded a weasel, someone who serves and betrays -- Scott McClellan.

"Talking Points" believes Gates accurately portrayed the President's view of war. Whether he should have put it in print is another matter.

And that's "The Memo."

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