Bill O'Reilly: President Obama taking some heat from the left
By: StaffMay 3, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

The President is back in the USA after a secret trip to Afghanistan where he signed an agreement with the government there, hoping to keep things stable.

Mr. Obama also wanting to remind everyone that the USA took care of bin Laden one year ago. But today in the "New York Times" the President was criticized for a bad speech. The "Times" editorial people believing that he should lay out America's exit strategy from Afghanistan so the whole world, including the Taliban could evaluate it.

Also the "Times" wanted the President to address Afghan corruption on site. Well, that would have made Karzai very happy, I'm sure. The uber liberal "Times" did have one good point, however, in asking that Mr. Obama explain to the American people what will happen if the Taliban is victorious once we leave. That must be discussed.

Now, most Americans want us out of Afghanistan; 60 percent according to a recent Pew poll and a "Washington Post" poll says just 30 percent; 30, of Americans believe that war was worth fighting.

So why doesn't the President just pull the U.S. troops out? Well, it's the same reason he doesn't shut down Guantanamo Bay. The President knows the Taliban would set up terrorist camps inside Afghanistan, replicating what happened before 9/11. Mr. Obama also understands that Afghan women would be brutalized. You know it's kind of ironic that the left screams about a fictional "war on women" here in America while the real "war on women" is in the Muslim world.

So "Talking Points" believes the President is doing the right thing in Afghanistan, even though he hides it. He doesn't often speak of the war and certainly doesn't rally the nation to what's going on there. But he has not done what the left really wants... pull out on a strict timetable.

Again, that would be disastrous for the USA; these terrorists are not going to stop. If they can get a country like Afghanistan, which borders Iran, to become an outlaw state again, worldwide terrorism makes a big comeback.

One of the reasons al Qaeda has been decimated is because it has nowhere to go. It's holed up in some remote mountains in northern Pakistan. Bottom line, we have to protect ourselves. And by staying the course somewhat in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama is doing that much to the chagrin of left-wing America.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

As Bernie Goldberg and I discussed last week, NBC News' chief foreign affairs correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, seems to be crossing over into the liberal precincts lately. Here's another example.


ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: What do you think of the Republican criticism that we are politicizing... the White House, I should say, is politicizing it with the Obama ad which focuses on this in part and all the events around today?


O'REILLY: "We," Ms. Mitchell? We? A mouse in your pocket?

Now, maybe it was an accident. We all make mistakes. I actually made one tonight. I'll hear about it in the email.

But we are assigning "Pinhead" status to Andrea Mitchell this evening because we do believe she's... slanting. All right?

And for hard news correspondent, you can't do that. Commentator like me, you can slant all day long. Hard news correspondent... no.

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