Bill O'Reilly: Secular forces on the march
By: StaffDecember 14, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

As we have been reporting, some committed left-wing Americans have been emboldened by the re-election of President Obama. You are seeing that now in the budget negotiations as the President and his side are not in a compromising mood.

I saw it firsthand this week when I was down in Washington. There is arrogance and condescension in many left-wing precincts despite the fact that U.N. ambassador today Susan Rice is out of consideration as Secretary of State. We'll have more on that with Bob Beckel coming up.

The more intelligent Secular Progressives will understand that now is their time in history. The agenda is clear. Above all the secular forces want to change the economy. They want the government to run it and provide cradle to grave entitlements for those Americans who cannot or will not provide for themselves.

The left also wants to control profits in the private sector taking as much money as possible away from the achievers and the corporations. Again, with the intent to redistribute the cash, so that's agenda number one.

Number two, is to obliterate some American traditions, gay marriage, it's not about matrimony anymore. It's about civil rights. And if you oppose gay marriage you are a hater, a rights denier. Legalized narcotics, the left sees drug users as victims and believes no one has a right to stand between an American and intoxication.

On that note the "New York Times" ran a front page article yesterday lamenting tough mandatory prison sentences for drug dealers. The left believes they're not violent offenders. So if you are selling meth, heroin, cocaine, that's not an act that causes harm or pain to another person, oh, no. Are you kidding me? Those of you who know firsthand about addiction know how crazy that point of view is. People who sell drugs are the lowest rung. They are committing violence against other human beings - - period.

A "Times" article says a half million people are in prison for drug offenses in the USA, 10 times the number than in 1980. That sounds bad, doesn't it? But what the paper does not, does not tell you is that violent crime in America has been cut in half since the tough mandatory prison sentences were instituted. The country is much safer because hard core criminals are doing hard time. That's a fact. No one should feel sorry for killers, rapists and drug pushers.

Now, because I do commentary like this, laying out the progressive agenda, I'm a big threat to them. Listen to this incredible sound bite from committed left-wing guy Harry Belafonte he says that people like me who oppose President Obama and the liberal agenda on some things should be dealt with.


BELAFONTE: What fascinates me is that in the face of millions of Americans expressing their desire the whole political establishment defining its game that there should be this lingering infestation of a -- of a really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to Barack Obama and I don't know what more they want.

The only thing left for Barack Obama to do is to work like third world dictator and just throw all these guys in jail. They're violating the American desire.


O'REILLY: I guess violating the American desire is a felony now, right, Harry? Maybe the guy was just kidding. Maybe. But believe me, anyone in this country who challenges the Secular Progressive agenda is going to get hammered. These people are on a mission. They want a completely different America. A country that embraces social justice, libertine behavior and is secular in every way and that brings us to the Christmas controversy which is symbolic, symbolic of the entire culture war.

A couple of days ago "Newsweek" magazine declared that the war on Christmas is over and traditional forces have won. The magazine citing retail stores allowing employees to now say Merry Christmas to the shoppers. A few years ago some corporations were forbidden. They were telling employees they couldn't do that.

While the war on Christmas has largely gone our way. Don't think the deal is over. It's not. Listen to this exchange about the Christmas holiday on "The Today Show" earlier this week.


STAR JONES: I focus on, honestly the religion part of it. I really and truly do. So I can't outsource that part of it. I can send you to get my tree but I can't help -- you can't help me.

DR. NANCY SNYDERMAN: I don't like the religion part. I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up.


O'REILLY: And some Americans agree with Dr. Snyderman there that because Christmas honors Jesus whom some people believe is God, it is mucked up, mucked up so to speak. TV writer Frazier Moore a secular zealot masquerading as a journalist for the Associated Press writes quote, "Turning the No-Spin Zone into holiday war zone O'Reilly is all for keeping Christ in Christmas at the same time he proclaims that everyone, no matter their faith, should call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree and knock off their whining. No intelligent person could possibly see a secular possibly see a secular display of Christmas as an imposition of religion he declared. It's a philosophy he told his audience. Never mind that Webster's New World College Dictionary defines Christianity as Christians collectively the Christian religion", unquote.

So Mr. Moore is offended -- offended that I want a Christmas tree to be called a Christmas tree. He sees it as an attack on his value system. Moore is one of the legions of media who have formed a secular clown posse. A bunch of people who have no blanking idea what this country was founded on. So I'm going to speak very slowly to you Frazier, and please take some notes and have that dictionary handy.

Christianity is a religion for those who believe Jesus is God and for those who join a specific church to celebrate that belief. But Christianity is a philosophy to people like Thomas Jefferson who did not believe that Jesus was the deity.

And Mr. Jefferson, as well as many of the founding fathers, incorporated the Judeo-Christian philosophy into the Constitution. That's why the 10 Commandments hang in the Supreme Court building. Are you with me so far, Frazier?

Images of the manger scene in the public square simply honor the baby Jesus, the human being. The baby is not sitting at the right hand of God. He is laying there flanked by his parents.

It's like the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Frazier. Dr. King honored as a man who helped humanity. At Christmas, Jesus is honored as a man who helped humanity. If you want to believe Jesus is God, then you can take that further as is your constitutional right. If you don't buy the religious aspect. You can just celebrate the federal holiday that was signed into law by President Grant, with no provision, Frazier, that everyone worship Jesus. Not part of the deal.

Are you still with me? Or is this too complicated for you?

Here is the big picture. The Secular Progressive agenda is opposed by many people of faith. Abortion, gay marriage, legalized drugs, all of those things are opposed by many religious Americans. That is why some far-left folks want to diminish Judeo-Christian tradition and rename the Christmas tree the holiday tree. The less Christmas, the better.

These secular people are now more powerful than ever. Their guy has been re-elected and opposing forces are scattered. And that is what is going on in America on December 13th, 2012.

And that's "The Memo."

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