Bill O'Reilly: Some big political moves today
By: StaffJanuary 17, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

Jon Huntsman dropped out of the race today endorsing Mitt Romney. Huntsman was polling in about six percent in South Carolina. And if Romney wins the presidency you can expect Huntsman to get a job in the administration.

Also there is a new Fox News poll out among Republican voters nationwide, has Governor Romney at 40 percent now; Rick Santorum 15; Newt Gingrich 14; Ron Paul 13; Rick Perry six percent. Also in that poll a virtual tie between the President and Mitt Romney with the three percent margin of error.

Now, the Obama re-election campaign in conjunction with the progressive media is already crafting a narrative. Mitt Romney is a rich greed head, made millions by firing regular folks. He is a terrible, terrible person. You see that theme playing out in the liberal press and among talking heads representing the Democratic Party.

"Talking Points" is not here to root for anyone but we are here to tell you the truth which we have done throughout the campaign. Early on, we told you that Mitt Romney would most likely secure the nomination... that angered some of you. I read your mail. But it is my job to tell you the truth

And here is another truism. The liberal press is ramping up the one percent theme saying that Romney is in bed with rich Americans and solely wants to win the presidency to help them get richer.

Ok let's look at the stats. According to the IRS there are about 1.4 million households that earn above $345,000 a year, therefore qualifying to be one percenters. That small group paid roughly 37 percent of the nation's total income tax in 2009.

The average compensation for the one percenters $960,000 bucks, as opposed to the median income in the USA which is $50,000. Half of us earn more than that, half less. Also in 2007, the one percenters accounted to 30 percent of the charitable giving in the USA according to the "New York Times." So let me repeat one percent of Americans pay 37 percent of the total income tax. Fair share? We report, you decide.

There is no question that an Obama/Romney race will be class warfare at its highest level. Governor Romney is a rich guy. His father was a rich guy. But the Kennedys are rich people are they not and so were the Roosevelts. While most Americans were suffering during the Great Depression Franklin Roosevelt was living large. He had plenty of money. So this whole thing is bogus, with a capital B. What really matters is which presidential candidate can restore economic prosperity to America.

And that's "The Memo."

"Pinheads & Patriots."

As you may know, Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos got their collective butts kicked in New England on Saturday night. But before the game, Mr. Tebow visited 20-year-old Zachary McCloud of Cambridge, Massachusetts, who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a high-school football game that left him mentally disabled.

That visit was part of Tebow's foundation which schedules the quarterback to visit young people in need pretty much wherever he goes. So while Tebow lost the game on Saturday, he continues to be a patriot on almost every front. Even God couldn't make -- no, I shouldn't say that. That's blasphemous.

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