Bill O'Reilly: Spitting in the eye of America
By: StaffMay 25, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

Many people around the world believe the USA is in decline. That we are not the great power we used to be and with a $16 trillion debt we are certainly not the powerful economy we should be. Also our military has absorbed two ferocious wars in the last decade so there is a weariness factor in that arena.

Recently China challenged America over the dissident Chen Guangcheng who the Chinese were persecuting. Secretary of State Clinton negotiated his released to the USA and America stood tall.

But now Pakistan is doing something far worse than China did. It has sentenced Shakil Afridi to 33 years in prison for helping America find bin Laden. The doctor was working for the CIA. He has relatives in the USA and Pakistan convicted him of treason simply because he helped us find the al Qaeda leader.

Everyone from President Obama to Secretary Clinton to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has politely asked Pakistan to commute the sentence and send the doctor to this country. Pakistan has refused. Publicly the Obama administration has done nothing, nothing in the face of that refusal.

Again "Talking Points" believes there are behind the scenes negotiations but the whole thing makes America look weak in the eyes of the world.

And there is no question that the Pakistani government is playing to the jihadist, the Muslim radicals whom they want to appease. If a good man like Dr. Afridi can be persecuted for bringing the world's biggest villain to justice, then there is no justice. And other people will not help us.

So President Obama must get involved and address the situation publicly. Is that too much to ask, Mr. President?

Now, I am one who believes that Mr. Obama has done a pretty good job at foreign policy. His drone attacks have devastated al Qaeda. It seems to have boxed Iran into a corner. Gadhafi was removed without massive US involvement and the President seems to be popular among overseas leaders. So, I am not an Obama basher. In just a few moments Charles Krauthammer will challenge me on the President's foreign policy.

But there is no question, no question at all that Mr. Obama is not showing leadership in the case of Dr. Afridi. Remember Pakistan has supported the Taliban terrorist who kill Americans everyday in Afghanistan. Pakistan let's them operate on their soil. And the Taliban leadership lives in Quetta, a Pakistani city near the Afghan border. The Pakistanis don't care what we say or think.

So, I am very concerned and believe the Obama administration must act decisively and publicly in defending Dr. Afridi. We are waiting, Mr. President.

And that's "The Memo."

"Pinheads & Patriots."

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley not popular among some union leaders, among Donna Dewitt, who heads the AFL-CIO in that state.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You ready? Wait until her face comes around. Whack her!

You give her another whack. Whack her again! Whack her again! This one's for me!


O'REILLY: Ms. Dewitt is a "Pinhead."

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