Bill O'Reilly: Stunning new developments in the Trayvon Martin case
By: StaffMay 17, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

ABC News is reporting and Fox News is confirming that a Florida doctor examined George Zimmerman hours after his confrontation with Trayvon Martin on February 26th.

You'll remember, Zimmerman shot the 17-year-old dead and has now been charged with second degree murder. According to the doctor, George Zimmerman suffered a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and minor back injury. Also Zimmerman had bruising to his upper lip and cheek. Obviously all of that points to a physical confrontation between him and Trayvon Martin.

After the initial story broke, pundits went wild. You remember that. And you also may remember that I called for restraint when analyzing the case. I asked the commentators who were convicting George Zimmerman on television to stop. Here is an example of how crazy things were.


HANK JOHNSON (D) GEORGIA CONGRESSMAN : He was executed for WWB in a GC; walking while black in a gated community.

FREDERICA WILSON (D), FLORIDA CONGRESSWOMAN: Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog. He was shot in the street. He was racially profiled.


O'REILLY: Obviously those very tense and inflammatory statements are now being challenged by the evidence. The doctor who examined Zimmerman will be a key witness in the upcoming trial.

Now, once again I do not want to try this case on television but because it has become a national controversy. Loaded with racial implications, the doctor's report is major news. This latest exposition should prove to Americans once and for all -- once and for all, the case needs to be tried in front of a jury and people need to stop jumping to conclusions and exploiting the death of an American teenager for their own purposes.

That's right. Trayvon Martin was used by pundits and politicians to make political and social points... very wrong.

Mr. Zimmerman is out on bail. He is in hiding. His life has been threatened. His next court date August 8th. But a full trial will most likely not begin until next year.

And that's "The Memo."

"Pinheads & Patriots."

Forbes magazine likes to rank powerful people. And so this week, they have named the top celebrity in that category. And she is Jennifer Lopez who, apparently made $52 million last year alone. Of course, Ms. Lopez is all over the place.

Now, you may remember we recently chastised her for making an explicit video that was shown on "American Idol." We say kids don't really need to see the video... we're showing you the tame parts here. But apparently, Jennifer Lopez's marketing strategy is working. Whether or not it's "Patriotic or Pinheaded," you can make the call.

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