Bill O'Reilly: The FBI and the IRS
By: StaffJuly 5, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

A conservative group called The American Center for Law and Justice says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has not even contacted, has not even contacted any of the 41 groups involved in a class action suit against the IRS.

As you may know, the federal tax agency admits it targeted some conservative organizations and individuals, delaying tax exempt status and auditing some people because of their political beliefs. That's a huge scandal, if true. And it is the FBI's job to see if anything criminal was going on.

But two weeks ago, Director Robert Mueller stunned the nation when he testified in front of the House committee.


JORDAN: Can you tell me some basics? Can you tell me how many agents, investigators you have assigned to the case?

MUELLER: We may be able to do that but I have to get back to you.

JORDAN: Can you tell me who the lead investigator?


O'REILLY: Flat out embarrassing. After hearing Mr. Mueller say that I said this.


O'REILLY: Mueller doesn't know? Are you kidding me? Surely he knew he'd be asked about the IRS investigation in front of the judiciary committee. Surely he knew that. If Mueller doesn't know specifics about the IRS investigation, it's because he doesn't want to know.


O'REILLY: Well, today there are charges my analysis was correct that the FBI is either dragging its collective feet or stonewalling the IRS investigation. Between 2010 and 2012, at least five different IRS offices improperly handled requests from conservative operations for tax exempt status.

Also, the former director of the IRS Douglas Shulman was signed into the White House 157 times, far more than any other federal official. Why was Shulman there? It is the FBI's job to find out. But apparently the bureau considered by some to be the finest investigative agency in the world, not up and running yet on the biggest federal case in some time. Does that make any sense to anyone? The answer is no. It makes no sense at all.

There is deep suspicion that the man who oversees the FBI Attorney General Eric Holder is not invested in getting information about the IRS abuses. So this continues to be one big mess and an acute embarrassment to this country.

And that's "The Memo."

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