Bill O'Reilly: The Iowa Vote Four Weeks Away
By: StaffDecember 7, 2011
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By Bill O'Reilly

And those four weeks are going to fly by, Christmas, New Year's on the horizon. So, let us assess this evening where we are in Iowa.

A new Des Moines register poll very revealing. The register asked Iowans is your mind made up; 28 percent say they are solid in their support of a Republican contender. But 60 percent of Iowans say they could be persuaded, their minds are open. And 11 percent have no first choice at the moment.

And then poll asks a series of questions about the candidates and their viability. First up, which candidate is the most presidential? Romney, 34 percent, Gingrich, 25 and Perry 10. Which guy is the most negative? Ron Paul 19 percent, Perry 16 percent, Bachmann 9. Which candidate is best able to bring about real change? Newt Gingrich 27, Ron Paul 18, Mitt Romney 14 percent. Which candidate would say is most electable in the general election? Romney 38, Gingrich 22, Perry 10. Finally which candidate is best able to turn the economy around: Gingrich 22, Romney 20, Ron Paul 17.

The bottom line the Iowa vote is still up in the air anything could happen with 60 percent of likely voters admitting they're still listening. And that is a good thing as Republican candidates are going to have to get very specific to earn votes in Iowa. This time around problem-solving, not ideology should be in the forefront.

President Obama is wobbling right now, but chances are he'll get stronger as the economy is likely to pick up some in 2012. If the Republican Party wants to challenge the President must do two things clearly define how Mr. Obama has failed in his economic vision and most importantly put forth a clear agenda of solving complicated problems like the national debt and immigration.

"Talking Points" is looking forward to its spirited four weeks in Iowa and then one week later the vote in New Hampshire. Because as we said 2012 will be the most important election in our lifetimes.

And that's "The Memo."

"Pinheads & Patriots."

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie honored Monday in D.C., but the Washington Post was one of them -- those who honored him. However, the Post attacked Christie recently because of his weight, so he threw it right back at him.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: When there are people talking about, you know, the idea of me running for president, you had columnists in this newspaper writing that somebody who's overweight can't possibly be president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What did you think of that?

CHRISTIE: It's idiotic. Because what these guys got -- like GiGi (ph) Robinson and Michael Kinsley and others wrote about was, well, because he's overweight, that means he's undisciplined.


O'REILLY: But governor, that's not why they wrote it. It's because you're a conservative Republican. That's why they wrote it. They don't care whether you're overweight or not.

So for calling out the Washington Post, Mr. Christie is a patriot.

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