Bill O'Reilly: The left-wing media, Rush Limbaugh and me
By: StaffApril 3, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

The two people the liberal media fear most are radio guy Rush Limbaugh and me, your humble correspondent. That's because we both have powerful daily forums where we can explain what we believe is harmful to the country.

Recently on the net a number of left-wing media folks have tried to drum up a phony feud, citing divisions within the so-called conservative community. Like they point to me and Limbaugh as the primary example. The reportage is simply dishonest. The loons are taking my commentary out of context as they always do.

I mean both Mr. Limbaugh and I literally say millions of words on the year each year. It's simple to distort them. Especially for readers who have no blanking clue, who never watch or listen to us.

The liberal media overarch on me is that I change my beliefs based upon public whim. A foolish lie easily disproved. In fact, in fact, in a positive quirk of fate, I have a new book called "Keep it Pithy" coming out in a couple of weeks. That book contains my major commentaries over a 17- year period. And, believe me, believe me, I'm going to use that book to hammer these liars all day long.

The feud deal ramped up after I criticized Congresswoman Michele Bachmann for mocking President Obama's lavish White House lifestyle. What Mrs. Bachmann failed to point out but I did was that President Bush the younger spent more on living arrangements than President Obama has.

Now, there are also some inaccuracies in Congresswoman's analysis of the situation. So I corrected the record. That is called honest analysis and if the ideologues don't like it, tough. Congresswoman Bachmann does have a decent point that Mr. Obama is asking for shared sacrifice in hard economic times but doesn't seem to be sacrificing himself. But she lost that point with bad information.

Then there is the gay marriage issue. The zealots picked up on my statement that opponents, opponents of gay marriage must do more than thump the bible if they want to win the civil debate. That's absolutely true.

The reason the polls have turned around is that proponents of gay marriage have succeed in making it a civil rights issue, marriage equality; while opponents have not put out a compelling policy argument against gay nuptials. Again, that is correct and honest analysis.

But my personal opinion on gay marriage hasn't changed. I've always said that heterosexual marriage is a societal stabilizer and the issue should be decided state by state. The will of the people should not be disenfranchised by agenda-driven judges.

Also, I've always favored civil unions because equal protection is sacrosanct.


O'REILLY: My aunts never married, ok? The Kennedy girls up in Yonkers, New York -- they lived together their whole lives. They were sisters. I would like to have them had a civil union where they could define what they wanted to do with their assets and hospital visitation. And I think that should be available.


O'REILLY: That was 10 years ago, you pinheads out there who are writing about my gay marriage deal, 10 years ago.

Now, on immigration, the situation is the same. My position has been consistent. Protect the border with the National Guard, but have compassion on individuals who are good people.


O'REILLY: I have always said if I were a poor Mexican, I would try to cross the border and earn money here and send it back to my family.

GUEST: Absolutely.

O'REILLY: I don't... I don't blame the illegal aliens. I blame the federal governments of both Mexico and the United States of America.


O'REILLY: Eight years ago. It is long past time for Americans to scorn dishonest media, to reject fanatical charlatans masquerading as honest sources of information. I don't mind being criticized for my opinions. But gutter snipes who lie, distort, slander and libel those with whom they disagree are the lowest rung, the lowest rung. And there are legions of them.

And that's "The Memo."

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