Bill O'Reilly: Two big stories for you: the "Duck Dynasty" folks under siege, and three new polls that may define the USA
By: StaffDecember 20, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

First poll is on Obamacare. A whopping 67 percent of registered voters now want the healthcare law to be delayed for a year just 28 percent do not. Now you may remember "Talking Points" called for that in October because that is the sane thing to do. With all the problems rolling out the new healthcare system, it is not fair, not fair to Americans to put them in a chaotic situation. Let me repeat. That's not fair to you.

In the same Fox News poll released yesterday, 53 percent want to repeal the law entirely; 41 percent want to keep it in place; although many of those want it delayed.

Now there is no question President Obama stakes his entire presidency on reforming the healthcare system. But at this point it's doing more harm than good and the President should understand that.

Now on to the second poll about big government. This one is from Gallup and asks which of the following is the biggest threat to the country in the future? Big government? Big business? Big labor?

Astounding 72 percent of American adults believe big government is the biggest threat to them; 21 percent say big business; five percent big labor. Now that is a repudiation of liberalism -- pure and simple. However, the folks have not yet connected the dots.

They don't like big government. They feel its intruding on their freedoms but they have not linked it up to the Democratic Party and President Obama. Part of the reason for that is the utter incompetence of the Republican Party which still isn't able to present a clear picture of how massive government out-of-control spending and overregulation is harmful to the folks. Unless the Republican Party can find a leader to do that, the country will remain divided.

And finally on the social front, a new Pew poll about Christmas; 92 percent of Americans say they will celebrate the holiday this year, just seven percent will not; 51 percent of Americans say Christmas is more of a religious holiday to them; 32 percent say it's more of a cultural holiday; nine percent apparently do not know what Christmas is.

Now the 51 percent number is interesting because 69 percent of Americans say in that poll that Christmas was a spiritual holiday when they were kids. That shows us that America is becoming more secular which in my opinion is not a good thing.

If a person lives their life solely for him or herself, there is no higher cause therefore selfishness and narcissism become more common. When a nation becomes short-sighted and self-absorbed bad things happen. Don't believe me? Check out ancient Rome which is vividly portrayed in my book "Killing Jesus."

So summing up, the country is repudiating Obamacare, Americans do not want big government and a Christmas holiday is becoming more secular. And that's "The Memo."

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