Bill O'Reilly: What President Obama really wants
By: StaffFebruary 19, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

A stunning study by the Department of Health and Human Services; it says that despite spending almost $200 billion on the Head Start Program that brings little kids into the public school system early the program has not helped them very much. By the third grade, Head Start students are behind their peers.

Someone should tell President Obama about the study because he continues to pound the drum for even more educational spending for young children.

In 2013 the USA is set to spend about $571 billion on public education, the highest per student costs in the world from primary through college.

Now, we're obviously not getting our money's worth. Recently I talked with Jeb Bush who did a very good job of raising academic standards in Florida while he was governor. Mr. Bush believes that Head Start does not concentrate enough on reading which is why it is not academically effective.

As a former high school teacher myself I know the feds waste an enormous amount of money on foolish public school programs. I mean it sounds so noble. Let's spend more on education. But the bureaucrats rarely care about implementing programs that actually work.

The main point here is that President Obama is not all that interested in what works because his educational agenda is tied into his social justice agenda. He firmly believes that America is not, is not a fair place.

That view echoed yesterday in "New York Times" commentary written by a Columbia University Professor Joseph Stiglitz. Quote, "Today the United States has less equality of opportunity than almost every other advanced industrial country." Stiglitz goes on to propose that the feds pay for the following, "more preschool education and after school care", as well. So-called environmental protections for pregnant women; that means subsidized food, housing and medical care on top of what is already available. More food provided in the public schools as well as increased medical care on campus. Direct cash payment to parents of poor children if they make sure their kids show up for school and the extra programs. So we would be paying parents to parent.

Those are the things that liberal America really want... a complete soup to nuts, welfare scenario delivered through educational spending. Get the con? Do you get it?

The truth is the deck is stacked against children who have bad parents but no government can change that. Schools can give disadvantaged children more attention, a safe environment and motivational programs. Those are not expensive. It's a matter of good teachers and discipline by the principal.

But that's not what Professor Stiglitz and President Obama want. They seek government control and a guaranteed economic outcome for everybody. That of course, is the end gain of socialism. And it has never worked anywhere.

And that's "The Memo."

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