Bill O'Reilly: What happens to democracy when the press actively supports a political party?
By: StaffMarch 18, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

It's widely believed that the national media in America is in the tank for President Obama. They generally support his policies and when he does something wrong, the media don't make a big deal out of it. Obviously it helps Mr. Obama and a great example is national debt.

Most economists believe that a nation owing $17 trillion is in trouble. But the president and the Democratic Party do not believe that.


REP. JOHN CONYERS (D), MICHIGAN: The debt is not endangering us a bit, not at all. Our economists say we're in debt, but it's not endangering anything. As a matter of fact there are economists that say some debt is not a bad idea at all.


O'REILLY: Some debt, some debt Congressman Conyers? Hey, if you don't think owing $17 trillion is a problem you need to retire. How many times have you heard the national press speak passionately about the debt besides Fox News and "The Wall Street Journal" a few others do.

That means that many Americans have no blanking clue about this troubling issue. This is what happens when the press acts in concert with a political party.

You want another example? Let's go out to Colorado. There the Democratic Party will not put Jessica's Law up for a vote. Even though 44 other states have passed harsh mandatory penalties for child rapists. But the press in Colorado is covering for the Democrats.


HUBBARD: No one in law enforcement in Colorado supported it.

O'REILLY: No one?

HUBBARD: 2007, 2009 or again this year.


HUBBARD: In fact it's only brought up when the Republicans are in the minority in Colorado not when they have the majority. It's been used against Democrats as a wedge issue politically...

O'REILLY: All right, but you don't know whether you support it or not. All you know is that no one and believe me, I'll get -- I'll get law enforcement from Colorado on here and I'll make you look foolish on that statement.


O'REILLY: And in a moment I will fulfill that promise.

But the bigger picture is this; the founding fathers gave the press special privileges to challenge the political powers to be skeptical about the powerful and to report accurately on them to we the people.

But now we have some media in bed with politicians and that affects every American. To pretend that $17 trillion national debt is not a danger is irresponsible. To say that Jessica's Law is not necessary puts children in danger. If the media is doing both of those things, it's very troubling.

And that's "The Memo."

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