Bill O'Reilly: What you absolutely have to know about your government
By: StaffJanuary 15, 2014
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By Bill O'Reilly

New stats on Obamacare are in -- once again, younger Americans not buying into the program. That means there will be a huge deficit in the mandatory affordable healthcare law. Right now about $48 billion a year allocated for Obamacare but more could be spent. Also the feds gets three percent of every healthcare policy sold and that could bring in hundreds of billions. But, it still might not be enough.

Now, why should you care? The main danger facing all Americans is not al Qaeda it's the Treasury Department. Right now the federal debt, how much we owe as a nation $17.3 trillion -- $17 trillion. Since President Obama took office five years ago the debt has increased 63 percent and in 2014 alone, at least $560 billion will be added to the debt bringing it up to $18 trillion. Happy New Year 2015.

That's a massive problem -- massive. And it's not really being addressed in Congress. The new budget calls for more than $3 trillion in spending.

But as I just said that's $560 billion more than the feds are going to take in from we the taxpayers. Again, why should you care? Because it's very possible that the U.S. dollar could collapse. If the people who are lending our government money, China et al, begin to pull out of the bond market and other U.S. investments, Armageddon. Also the feds cannot continue printing dollars to pay our debt so the dollars will lose buying power.

Right now the USA is playing a very dangerous game with the currency. Many Americans don't want to pay attention. In fact, some Americans don't even know who Joe Biden is. They are texting all day, all night. But unless voters, unless voters start to demand that the feds pull back on spending, all of us are going to get hurt. All of us. It just a matter of when.

Once again, Talking Points feels like Paul Revere, I'm galloping around, but half the country doesn't care. Democratic Party surely knows the danger on the horizon. But are they doing anything about it? Are they trying to find ways to cut spending? No. Same with President Obama -- he doesn't seem all that concerned about the titanic national debt and titanic is the right word. Our government has got to stop the insane spending. Let's see what happens next November when voters get another chance.

And that's "The Memo."

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