Bill O'Reilly: What you guys are worried about
By: StaffMarch 13, 2014
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By Bill O'Reilly

New poll by Gallup asked Americans what they worry about. What makes them nervous? Four categories: you worry a great deal, a fair amount, a little, not at all. First, the economy; 88 percent are worried about that 11 percent are not. Federal spending and the budget deficit 80 percent worried, 20 percent not. Healthcare, 77 percent worried about it, 23 percent are not. Unemployment, 77 percent concerned, 23 percent not. Hunger and homelessness, 76 percent worried about that, 23 percent not. Social Security System 75 percent concerned, 24 percent not. Crime and violence, 70 percent concerned; 29 percent not. Power of the federal government, 68 percent worried about that, 31 percent are not. Possibility of terror attacks, 63 percent worried; 37 percent not. Drug use, 63 percent concerned, 37 percent not. Illegal immigration, 57 percent of Americans are worried about it; 42 percent not worried. And climate change, 49 percent concerned but 51, a majority are not concerned.

So as usual money issues dominate. Security second and theoretical situations like climate change are way down the list. To be fair, every American should support a cleaner environment. U.S. industries should be given tax breaks to develop alternative fuels and more efficient cars. Because getting away from fossil fuels is a good thing.

But liberal America wants far more than that don't want to impose restrictions that hurt all Americans in their theoretical battle against global warming. And President Obama buys into that. The truth is Mr. Obama should have approved the Keystone Pipeline a long time ago. That would help the U.S. economy, damage OPEC and Russia and not hurt the environment according to all credible studies.

The Gallup poll proves once again the economy is the big dog. America is getting weaker because we are not able to generate enough good jobs in the private sector so that workers can move up. A stagnant society is a weak society.

As Talking Points has mentioned, the next election this coming November is big. The main issue, whether the country wants to return to a robust private business climate or wants to stay with the big government nanny state philosophy. That's what's at stake in November.

And that's "The Memo."

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