Bill O'Reilly: Who won the final debate?
By: StaffOctober 24, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

Nobody won. But we the American people lost. That's because the debate was boring. The same old stuff over and over. And where were the pointed questions by moderator Bob Schieffer? I mean where was the Libya stuff? The Pakistan stuff? All the questions were general which allowed both candidates to recite their talking points.

This morning on CBS, I laid out why the debates are not serving the public as well as they should be.


O'REILLY: All three of the debate moderators will not press the issue like you do on "60 minutes".

CHARLIE ROSE, CBS NEWS HOST: So, you want to see a more aggressive moderation?

O'REILLY: No. I want answers to the questions. If you are going to say we have to be Pakistan's friend as Governor Romney did, then you are going to explain how you get there when Pakistan is actively killing U.S. soldiers. Not just say "Well, we have to be their friend." Well, how are you going to do that? When you've got a scientist in prison for helping us get Osama bin Laden. Those questions aren't asked.

ROSE: Ok but the moderator is trying to get something happening here. He is trying to get the candidates to engage each other. It seems to me that the criticism you are making goes to Governor Romney not to anyone else because the moderate -- was the goal here is to get them engage each other.

O'REILLY: Can I ask you a question?


O'REILLY: Did you learn one thing during that debate last night? One.

ROSE: Well, I learned that perhaps Governor Romney believes he is ahead and therefore, he took an approach not to be as confrontational as some expected him to be.

O'REILLY: But that's a perception on your part, correct?

ROSE: That's correct.

O'REILLY: Ok so you didn't learn anything because I didn't learn anything. I didn't learn one thing.

ROSE: No. There was nothing there that they said about those issues that I did not know or have not engaged on this program and others.

O'REILLY: Ok, so why are we wasting 90 minutes of the American public's time if we're not learning anything?

ROSE: Well I mean, I think they probably learned something about the two candidates by watching even though it might not have been a specific point on a specific issue. I mean there is something about demeanor. There is something about temperament. There is something about how they handled themselves under the glare of that.

O'REILLY: All right well then let's have Dr. Phil interview.

ROSE: Oh, no, stop that. It's not Dr. Phil.

O'REILLY: All right.


O'REILLY: Now the key question is why did Governor Romney avoid asking President Obama about the chaotic Libyan situation? I hope I get to ask the Governor that as we are seeking an interview with him and also with President Obama.

My guess is that Mr. Romney wanted to appear benign in the debate in order to court single women voters. Polls say Romney is running behind with them. And many ladies do not like confrontation. So the Governor might have decided to take a softer approach last night knowing the President would be aggressive, which he was. The Governor hoping that women would respond positively to him. It might work. It might work.

We'll ask the "Is it Legal" ladies what they think a bit later on.

As for President Obama, the CNN and CBS snap polls say he won the debate. But what exactly did he win? The President looked "peevish", word of the day, "peevish". And certainly his foreign knowledge is not superior to Governor's. Both men seem to understand the issues they just have a different world view.

In the end the third debate was tedious, nothing more.

And that's "The Memo."

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