Bill O'Reilly: Why the media and politicians fear African Americans
By: StaffMay 9, 2012
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By Bill O'Reilly

As we have been reporting, a vicious crime in Norfolk, Virginia is being stonewalled by the media in that town and the police investigation seems chaotic to say the least.

Last month two reporters for the "Virginian Pilot" newspaper were beaten by a mob of African-American young people. Their injuries kept them out of work for a week. Yet incredibly the newspaper did not report the crime. And the two reporters have now filed formal charges against the Norfolk Police Department alleging the cops did not do enough to make arrest in the case.

Initially the Norfolk police described the crime as a simple assault. But now it has been upgraded to a mob action. After almost a month, just one minor has been arrested despite the fact that scores of people witnessed the violence. The national media has also ignored the story possibly because it has heavily racial implications.

So, what's really going on here? Right now, there are 39 million African-Americans in the USA comprising 13 percent of the population. Unemployment among blacks; 13 percent as opposed to 8.1 for the general country. 27 percent of African-Americans live below the poverty line and 72 percent of black mothers give birth outside of marriage, which is a huge poverty driver.

President Obama's approval rating among blacks 88 percent according to a Gallup poll. However, 48 percent of African-Americans are not satisfied with the direction of the country; 52 percent are. There is no question the United States of America has not treated blacks well throughout its history. As John Adams once wrote slavery is an abomination and the persecution of blacks after the Civil War was almost as bad. Because of that history, we are still having trouble with equality.

The media fears controversy involving black Americans. Even while some in law enforcement do the opposite. They are very tough on young black males in particular. The truth is African-Americans are treated differently by the powerful.

On last night's "Factor" Bernie Goldberg said the media is ignoring the story in Norfolk because of paternalism. Because they don't want the nation to know that a mob of young black people beat up a white woman and her date fearing it might embolden bigots. That analysis by Bernie is worth thinking about.

On the police front, it's hard to figure out just what Norfolk police Chief Sharon Chamberlain is doing. Her department refuses to release the 911 tape and now has to deal with the formal complaint filed by the victims. Virginia authorities in Richmond are searching for a way to deal with the mess.

Tomorrow night, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will be here and "Talking Points" believes progress towards justice is being made. At least I hope so. Those thugs who attacked Marjon Rostami and David Forster have to be held responsible. Period. You can't have mobs attacking people in the street, no matter what color.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

In the past, actors Matt Damon and Chris Rock have said they would like to pay higher taxes to help the country. And now Will Smith has joined that chorus. While promoting "Men in black III," Mr. Smith told the Associated Press, quote, "While they are supportive of paying higher taxes, America has been fantastic to me. I have no problem paying whatever I need to pay to keep my country growing," unquote.

Well, I think Mr. Smith is a “Patriot” for wanting to help his country grow. The problem is, big government spending may not be doing that. That is, of course, the problem.

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