Bill O'Reilly: Will Americans rise up against ObamaCare?
By: StaffOctober 8, 2013
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By Bill O'Reilly

It's now becoming apparent that millions of Americans will pay a lot more for health insurance under ObamaCare. I was talking to some insurance people this weekend, big guys, and they are happy, they like ObamaCare. You know why? Because deductibles and co-pays are going up big time. That, of course, means more profit for the health insurance companies, less money for you.

Now, how many voters do you think knew that while Obamacare was being debated? In my opinion, very few. That's just one reason why individual Americans should get a year reprieve from Obamacare. Some businesses have the reprieve and you should get it, too. That's the crux of the government shutdown situation. Republicans want some changes in ObamaCare. The President and the Democrats do not.

But "Talking Points" has another question. What is best for the folks, the American people? There is a tremendous amount of confusion regarding the federal takeover of healthcare. ObamaCare is not ready for prime time and everybody knows it.


CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS: How many have signed up, sir?

LEW: They have six months to sign up. This is a big decision. We never --

WALLACE: How many signed up.

LEW: I don't have the exact number. But the question is --

WALLACE: Do you have any number because the government has refused to tell us how many.

LEW: It's a wrong question.

WALLACE: No, it isn't.


O'REILLY: It's the wrong question? How arrogant. There are no wrong questions, just evasive answers. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is dodging because he knows it's very hard to sign up on the government exchanges, even if you want to.

As you may know, "Talking Points" is a reasonable guy. I well understand that President Obama does not want to change or delay his signature issue. And since the President did win re-election and ObamaCare is a legal law, he has authority on his side. That's true.

But if the president is really looking out for the folks, he has to know things are not working out very well. And that the country needs another year to better organize the health program and to see who is going to suffer because of it. That's just fair.

If Republicans are smart, they will simply pound home that theme. Delay ObamaCare for a year, so we can see the full picture. And allow the feds to get better organized.

Again, if ObamaCare is a good thing, the folks will know it. If it's a bad thing, then the law should be changed. Right? One year from today, that tale will be told.

And that's "The Memo."

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