Bill O'Reilly's Full Interview with The Daily Caller's Peter Hasson on the Far-Left Media
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 18, 2017
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On Thursday's No Spin News, Bill welcomed, via Skype, The Daily Caller's Peter Hasson, who has investigated far left pressure groups.  "There are at least a dozen groups pressuring sponsors," Hasson reported, "and they are spearheaded by the two groups you mentioned, Color of Change and Media Matters.  This is part of a broader strategy on the left to go after corporations and tell them that they will tarnish their brand if they continue to support Republicans and conservatives.  They're basically threatening them." 

Hasson elaborated on the most vicious organization, Media Matters:  "They are a very well-funded activist group whose entire purpose is to silence conservative voices.  Right now they are doing everything they can to get Sean Hannity off the air by going straight to advertisers.  They are buddy-buddy with other journalists who also want to see Hannity taken out.  A lot of people in the media are afraid to go after these groups." 

Bill compared these groups with Hitler's henchmen in the early 1930s:  "His Storm Troopers actually went to the media and warned them that if they say anything bad about the Nazis we'll burn your place down and beat you up.  They went to corporations and did the same thing.  What's the difference between what happened in the early 1930s and now?"  Hasson agreed that both eras represent the worst in "thug politics" and also bear a distasteful resemblance to Al Capone's extortionist tactics.

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