Bill's Back in the Studio: Analysis on the Massacre in Las Vegas, the Relief Effort in Puerto Rico, and More NFL Disrespect
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 3, 2017
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Hey Premium Members, welcome to the No Spin News, Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017. 

Here we are in our brand-new studio in New York City. And we're going to have like a vote, whether you like this format better or you like the format in my home office better or you like them both equally. So, we'll do that at the end of the week, but we're happy to be here because we have two very, very good guests and we can see them, which is important. 

Now, I got up this morning, walked the dopey dog as I always do and then I got the newspapers off my driveway and I opened the newspaper and there staring at me are 20 young faces who are dead and the names of the victims of the Vegas massacre. And I couldn't take my eyes off those faces. I couldn't because in my mind I was going what if my children or what if somebody that I loved was taken away in a situation like that by some evil you fill in the blank. 

And I must have stared at that picture for three minutes memorizing the details of the faces and that's what this is all about. It's not about gun control, not about politics, it's about those people and their families who will never be the same. Never be the same. 

Now, 59 people were killed in Vegas. Did you know that last month in Chicago, 57 people were killed? We all know about the epidemic of gun violence in Chicago, I've reported on it for years.

57. But you didn't hear a word about it. Not a word. And the reason is that 57, primarily African-American, the media doesn't really care. I know that sounds harsh but they don't. But this stunning event captures headlines for days, as it should. But the Chicago carnage should get an amazing amount of coverage as well and it doesn't because it's tied into protection. It's tied into public safety. 

So, as you may know, Illinois and Cook County, that's Chicago, very tough gun laws, very stringent. That doesn't stop the gangbangers from getting guns. They've got more guns than they can possibly use. I don't know what that says but I do know there's 57 dead last month in Chicago and 59 dead now in Vegas.

Now, the other part of this story that I think has been overlooked is that this guy, and I don't name him, I'm not naming him, had explosives in his car, big time explosives, and he could have fashioned a bomb out of those explosives, parked the car near that venue, killed more people. There's a big, big bomb potential there. He had it. 

So when you hear the demagogues going guns, gun, gun, gun, gun, the guy had explosives in his car. He was going to do damage no matter what. Now, that does not mean in America we shouldn't think about passing laws that cut down on violence, if we can pass them and they make sense and they're not anti-Constitution, then we should. 

I want to bring in a guy that I'm happy to have. Jonathan Gilliam, he's a former Navy SEAL, former FBI agent. He's got a book that you really should read called Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival. 

((Interview with Jonathan Gilliam))

All right, let's go to Puerto Rico. Donald Trump, the president of the United States is there. And there's been a political fight, as you know, as we reported last night, about whether the federal government has done enough to help Puerto Ricans. 

95 percent still don't have power after two weeks, and it's hot, and the water is not running, and there's a whole bunch of other and unintended consequences that are kicking in. The question though is this the federal government's fault or is there chaos on the ground locally in Puerto Rico? 

Let's bring in Lorna Cara...let me get your name right, Lorna, Carasquillo, who's assistant GM for a Marriott Hotel in San Juan, and we really appreciate you coming on. We know how busy you are. 

((Interview with Lorna Carasquillo))

So what's going to happen now is we're going to take a quick break. Only 30 seconds. So, we don't want anybody bailing. It's a commercial for Killing England. I's the only commercial we have, so we're going to throw it in there. And we're back in 30 seconds. 

((Killing England commercial))

Alright, that's better than me doing it, right? 

OK, here's an interesting story. There was a Pew study, Pew is not a... most of the polls and studies now are ideological, they don't tell you that but they are. Pew is pretty straight. 

From January 21st to April 30th this year, when President Trump took office, Pew studied the coverage of the president. Now, remember he's just in there, he's not doing anything, he's trying to get used to it. 62 percent of the coverage in those three months, negative. 5 percent positive. 62 negative, 5 positive, the rest was neutral. OK.

Compared to President Obama's first three months. 42 percent was positive, 20 percent negative. Big, big difference, and we all know why. So I thought that was an interesting study to bring to your attention. 

Now, last night I'm watching Monday Night Football. And they do show the Star-Spangled Banner, not all networks did that on Sunday. They did last night. So only two players didn't stand. So, I'm saying to myself, here's a plea for unity after 59 people are slaughtered, more than 500 wounded. Everybody is saying we've got to come together and this, these two are sitting on the bench. 

The worst offender is a guy named Marcus Peters from the Kansas City Chiefs. So, he sits down. He's got a surly look on his face and he's an all pro. This guy is a good player. So, the Chiefs aren't going to do anything to him. He was sitting there, you know, like this. And I'm saying to myself, you know what Marcus, maybe just tonight in honor of the slain people in Las Vegas you get your butt off the bench, right? Maybe just tonight. 

So, what happens? Game starts, first two minutes, Cousins, the quarterback for the Washington Redskins torches Peters for a touchdown. They go right after him, Washington scores a touchdown. I'm not proud of this, but I went, "Yes." I like the Redskins anyway. OK. My father was a huge Redskins fan. But I was happy that Peter's got embarrassed. And maybe that's not noble for me but I've got to tell you honestly enough with this stuff. Enough. 

OK, let's do the mail because we have some pretty good letters as always. Then I have a Word of the Day. We have a snappy new graphic for the Word of the Day too. 

Is this good? This is good so far, except I have to wear this snappy suit, it's a nice suit. I haven't worn a suit in a while. All right. 

Mike in Limerick, Pennsylvania. 

"It's comforting to distance ourselves from these shooters by labeling them insane but it's usually not that simple. If people can't acknowledge complicated social issues in a constructive manner then these attacks will only get worse. Evil of course, mentally ill, doesn't look like it."

The guy would have to be mentally ill do something like this because evil people, people who want to harm other human beings, they're ill. They're ill. Now, that doesn't mean they're insane. That's a whole different thing. And he's dead and I'm not shedding a tear over that. 

John in West Sussex, England. 

"Bill, are you really claiming that freedom necessity is a right to bear arms whereas in Cuba, where you say there are no guns, there's no democracy either. How selective and simplistic is this? Where I live in the UK for example there's no right to bear arms, thank God. But there is a thriving democracy." 

I made the Cuba analogy because that government seized all the guns. Not like England where you don't have a history of guns. But keep this in mind, John. You guys had swords. That's how you developed, swords. You have those roundabouts in England. OK. And the roundabouts were put in there for the knights so they could have their right hand free to do warfare. That's why you drive on left, did you know that? I bet you didn't. 

Now, here in America, after we kicked your butt and you guys went back to London, we settled the country and we pushed west. You had to have a gun or you'd be dead. There were animals, native Americans hostile to you, or other people who take all your stuff, take your horses. You had to. Everybody had a gun. Everybody pushing West. That combined with the second amendment, where the federal government was so weak in 1776, they said, "you know what, we can't protect the folks they're going to have to protect themselves." That's the militia thing. 

So it's a whole different deal. But I used Cuba because yeah, in a totalitarian society you can seize the guns. In a free society, you can't. 

Zane. Logan, Utah. 

"Bill, I'm always amazed when the left calls for gun control immediately after a terrible disaster. I currently live in Mexico and taking guns away from good people just gives bad people more incentive to cause trouble. Bad people will always get guns." 

This is a very, very astute letter, Zane. Mexico has very tough gun laws, you saw that when the Marine took a wrong turn, he said, and got into Mexico and they grabbed him and threw him in jail because he had an antique rifle in his truck, OK. But the cartels that pretty much run the country in some areas, they've got all the guns they want, don't they? So, bad people in Mexico are armed to the teeth and good people can't defend themselves. That's the fact, Jack. 

Jeff Neal. Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

"I'm not offended by what Hillary Clinton said. Every time something like this happens everybody says it's too soon to talk about guns and gun control. If we don't talk about it now, when will we? Then time passes, it's never talked about." 

You know, the gun control debate, I think is worthy. I think we should have it, but I don't think anything is going to change. But I think there can be more restrictive laws against semiautomatics and big magazine clips. 

Gary Sclar. Rego Park, New York. 

"O'Reilly, your comments regarding the shooting in Vegas mark you as an utter moron," says Gary. "Second Amendment was written in 1791. Times have changed. This has nothing to do with freedom. If you think it does it marks you as a fascistic dolt." 

Name calling aside, Gary out there in Rego Park in Queens, you may have noticed that we live in a republic. That that means that the folks call the shots by electing Congress people and president. The second amendment can be overturned, tossed out. It would take Congress by a two thirds vote putting forth some gun control legislation and then the states, three quarters of them, ratifying whatever Congress put up. Gone. Just like prohibition. We live in a republic. What the folks want, the folks usually get. 

Anita. New Braunfels, Texas. 

"Bill, Senator Sanders' accusation that Trump is acting out of racial animus is ludicrous. Harvey and Irma made no distinction for race and neither has the aid that's poured into Texas and Florida. I know Bernie has been to Florida and Texas but maybe he should spend a little more time looking at our faces. I live in a region affected by Harvey and we are about as racially diverse as it gets." 

Look, he demagogued the issues, Sanders, because he is a Democrat, a demagogue. He's a Democrat and a demagogue. A lot of dems. He is a demagogue. That's what he is. 

Jacob Drago. Mandeville, Louisiana.

"I've read all the killing books with the exception of England. Will remedy that this week." Right on. "So far my favorite is Rising Sun, second Patton as my father was a World War II vet. Great seeing you on TV last week, miss you nightly but love the podcast." 

Well, I hope you like the studio. And you guys let me know. You know, do you like the studio better or do you like my house better. 

Kent Willey. Lake Oswego, Oregon, right outside of Portland. Nice town. 

"I keep hearing Hillary Clinton and her supporters saying she lost because of sexism. How many more votes do you think she got because of sexism? I didn't hear any men saying we have to vote for Trump because he's a man. But I was constantly hearing women say they were voting for Hillary because they want to see a woman president." 

It always balances out. I think the sexism thing is ludicrous. People don't like Hillary Clinton. Bottom line, they don't like her. That's why she lost. 

Word of the Day. When writing to, do not be a quidnunc. 

Come on, you love that word. Q-U-I-D-N-U-N-C. Do not be a quidnunc. 

All right. If you haven't gotten Killing England yet, get it. If you buy it from us, you get 50 percent off any of the other killing books. If you re-up your Premium Membership, you get it free. And you get 50 percent off another killing book as well or any of my other books. So, that's a good deal.

Alright. Let me know about the studio as opposed to the home office. And we will see you again tomorrow.

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