Bill's Radio Message: Enough of the America-Bashing
By: The O'Reilly Update StaffJune 29, 2020
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I've pretty much had enough of all the America-bashing.

Over the weekend, the stupidity continued.

The Oregon-Oregon State football rivalry will no longer be called 'The Civil War.'

Loons in St. Louis demanding the city change its name - apparently they don't like saints. 

The Dixie Chicks  dropping - 'Dixie' - does that mean everyone gets refunds on the group's past recordings if they were triggered? 

Insanity seems to be everywhere as cowardly media and corporations enable the foolishness by virtue signaling and firing people who don't buy into the madness.

As Joe Biden is fond of saying - 'here's the deal.'

Bashing your country is not virtuous. It is misguided. And if you are violent and destructive, it is seditious. 
Improving your country is virtuous - and you don't improve it by tearing it apart.

I am starting a campaign called 'Stand Up For Your Country.'

Don't kneel - make things better! And do not buy into the grievance industry. 

Fight the madness - stand up for your country!