Border Personality Disorder
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 28, 2024
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Border Personality Disorder

Anderson Cooper is extremely concerned, and so is Donald Trump. There's a new border security bill being formulated in Congress, and the former President is skeptical.

Anderson dismisses Mr. Trump's concerns as "political," saying on CNN that conservative dissenters don't want to solve the massive chaos at the border so they can use the issue against President Biden, who is seeking reelection.

One problem with all of this is that nobody knows what's exactly in the border bill. It's hundreds of pages, but details are not yet public. So, how could anyone be for or against it?


So, let's look at the facts, even though they will probably upset the ideologues and media distortionists. President Biden single-handedly caused death and destruction on the border with Mexico by failing to enforce immigration law. Not debatable; that's what happened. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says the border trek through Mexico is the deadliest migration route in the world.

Biden ordered the Department of Homeland Security to release most of those claiming asylum into the USA unsupervised. That's illegal. You must apply for asylum at a designated "port of entry," and, under Trump, you had to wait in Mexico or your home country for adjudication.

More than ten million foreign nationals are very grateful to Biden for ignoring the law, and so are the Mexican drug cartels, which have reaped billions smuggling narcotics and human beings into the USA.

It is obvious that President Biden does not care about the destruction he has caused. He's been to the border once. He put Kamala in charge. She's been to the border once. When was the last time Mr. Biden addressed the crisis in any meaningful way?

Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas publicly stated the border is "secure." Then admitted about 80 percent of border jumpers are let go. Is Mayorkas an idiot, a liar, or both?

The House is set to impeach him shortly.

Joe Biden's dereliction of duty on immigration is one of the worst presidential actions of all time. It is beyond belief that he has destroyed security at the border, leading to public and fiscal disorder all over the country.

One more vivid example of Biden's dereliction.

During the first three years of the Trump presidency, about 208,000 people died from drug overdoses in America.

The three-year number under Biden is 323,000, according to the National Center on Health Statistics. On Biden's watch, border authorities have seized 2,118,000 pounds of illegal narcotics. The three-year number under Trump:1,656,000.

It is estimated that about 20 percent of all drugs smuggled across the border are interdicted.

Thus, America is awash in opiates with the killer fentanyl destroying a record number of lives.  Meanwhile, President Biden doesn't even try to solve the problem or alleviate the suffering.

It's a lock Mr. Biden will get the cartel vote.

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