Bordering on Insanity
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 4, 2024
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Bordering on Insanity

So, the latest is President Biden saying he's done everything he can to solve the southern border crisis, which, of course, he created by destroying President Trump's "remain in Mexico" policy. 

Simply put on his first day in office, Biden told border authorities to stand down, allowing an estimated ten million foreign nationals unsupervised entry into the United States. 

For three years, Biden has watched his unlawful policy create havoc. He has done nothing, which is the exact opposite of everything.

Correction. He has done something. His Justice Department filed a federal lawsuit against Texas, which is trying to protect its people by inhibiting illegal border crossings.

Joe Biden will go down in history as one of our worst presidents. The border madness will be at the top of his resume. 

Now, the Democratic Party is desperate as the folks have largely turned against Biden. So, there's "new" legislation designed to give the President cover on the border issue. The media, which works closely with the Democrats, is solidly behind the proposal even though, as of Saturday, no one knows what it actually proposes.

Why should that even matter? We've got to protect our guy, Joe!

The progressive left controls all aspects of the Biden administration, and it believes the "white patriarchy" in America must be dismantled. The easiest way to do that is to flood the country with migrants, many of whom will eventually vote for progressive candidates.

The unintended consequences of the flood do not concern the leftists or Joe Biden. So what five Venezuelan migrants attacked two New York City police officers in Times Square? Who cares that cities are sinking financially because of all the free stuff border crossers are receiving? 

Chaos is a small price to pay for destroying the white power structure forever. 

President Biden does not likely understand any of this. He's in the early stages of dementia, as his wife and advisors well know. Joe is directed to do a few things but is largely off the grid. He's president in name only.  

But that's okay with millions of voters who continue to support his destructive administration. A new poll says 55 percent of Democrats actually want an open border; they are bullish on uncontrolled immigration and deadly narcotic smuggling.

So, let's speak the truth. These voters are the ones actually destroying this country, just as the slavers tried to do in 1860.

Or am I wrong?

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