By George, Let's Cancel
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 2, 2020
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By George, Let's Cancel
For decades, billionaire George Soros has been donating big money to progressive groups seeking to change America into an “open society.”  In fact, that’s the name of some Soros non-profits; “the Open Society Foundations.”
In essence, the soon-to-be 90-year-old Soros sees the USA as an unjust country and believes the socialism of Europe should replace our capitalist system.  Soros wants to flood the American zone with foreign nationals in order to make that happen.  He supports lax border enforcement, amnesty for millions of undocumented people, and putting them on the fast track to vote.  That, of course, would cripple the Republican Party.
On the criminal justice front, Soros believes the US system is racist and most criminals should not be incarcerated.  He favors drug legalization and does not believe selling dangerous narcotics like heroin should even be a crime.
George Soros has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to people and organizations that approve of his vision, including a number of ultra-liberal state prosecutors in places that are currently seeing an explosive rise in violence.
Enter Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, who has occupied page two of that publication for decades.  Kass is the Trib’s lead columnist, or was until a few days ago, when he wrote an opinion piece about Soros that highlighted his funding of far left politicians.
Almost immediately, Kass was accused of being “anti-Semitic” in a bizarre series of attacks.  If you read the Soros article, you will see no mention of the man’s Jewish heritage, no reference to Judaism at all.
But to those protecting Soros from scrutiny, any negative mention of his name is deemed “anti-Semitic.”  It’s truly the Twilight Zone of defense mechanisms.
The absurdity continued with the editor of the Chicago Tribune, Colin McMahon.  After receiving a letter from some “ woke” people demanding John Kass be punished for daring to criticize the radical Soros, McMahon folded almost immediately.  He very publicly demoted Kass, who refuses to apologize for writing accurately about George Soros.
And so the cancel culture takes another scalp courtesy of editor McMahon.
If you understand history, you might realize that the cancel hysteria we are seeing in America today, actually began in Germany. 

In the early 1930s, the National Socialist Party could not get more than 37 percent of the vote across that country.  So, the Nazis decided to silence opposition to Hitler by “cancelling” opponents in local governments, the press, and in the schools. The Nazis used a paramilitary organization called the SA to do this, often violently.
The result was Hitler’s appointment to Chancellor in 1933.  Few dared speak out against it.  Two months later, the Dachau camp was opened south of Munich to “officially” deal with the cancelled opponents of Nazism.
That strategy will not happen in the USA, there are too many safeguards in place.  But the theory is the same - shut up voices that oppose, in America’s case, the radical left. 
Today, the cancel culture is on a roll, becoming a powerful force of intimidation as corporations and media bow before it. Literally, no one who challenges or even annoys the radicals is safe.
As John Kass has found out.