Cable News Coverage of Michael Cohen Situation
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 23, 2018
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Well, I tried. Very hard. But I failed. I simply could not watch more than ten minutes at a time of cable news last night even though the Cohen/Manafort thing is important.

It was all so predictable. The Trump haters and his boosters doing what they always do: tear him up or defend him at all costs. I learned nothing. If there is a clear violation of campaign finance law, I did not hear it defined. All I heard was speculation and partisan gibberish.

So then I started to research and think, leading me to the following conclusions.

- The President’s supporters will not abandon him over the Cohen-Manafort

- It doesn’t look like Cohen has any substantial back up for allegations against his former client, Donald Trump.

- Lanny Davis hurt his client Cohen’s cause by actually saying Cohen was motivated to turn on the President after watching the Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki. No one outside of MSNBC employees could possibly believe something that preposterous.

- Donald Trump wants to pardon Paul Manafort but all hell will break loose if he does. However, the President may do it anyway.

- And finally, independent voters are now moving away from Republican candidates. Too much chaos is the reason. They could swing back if no hard evidence of wrongdoing surfaces against Mr. Trump. The economy rules in the independent precincts.

Tonight on the No Spin News beginning at 7 eastern, we’ll continue our honest analysis of the attacks on President Trump including the unbelievable South Africa stuff.

Hope to see you then.

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