Can the Presidential Candidates Solve Dangerous Problems?
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 2, 2016
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With five days left in the campaign, both candidates are ramping up the rhetoric.

I think it would be fair to say that both Trump and Clinton know what the problems are, but have mostly put forth general solutions.

Here's a prime example.

Speaking in Florida yesterday, Hillary Clinton spotlighted the danger that some young Americans face on the streets where they live.

Mrs. Clinton apparently believing the gun threat is upending society:

HILLARY CLINTON: “Something is wrong when young people just staring their lives are dying.  Something is wrong when so many parents live in fear that their child will be hurt or killed, going to the movies, sitting in a first-grade classroom, attending a Bible study.  The list goes on.  This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment and responsible gun owners.”

What Hillary Clinton has to know is that so far this year in the city of Chicago, 585 people have been killed and 3,100 wounded by gun fire.

Most of those poor, black Americans.

But the problem is not gun control.

Chicago and the state of Illinois have strict gun-possession measures.

But obviously the thugs who are shooting people don't really care about those measures.

Therefore it is a total waste of time for Hillary Clinton or any politician to say that more gun control measures are going to solve the problem of street violence.

There is a solution but neither Clinton nor Trump has mentioned it.

In the USA anyone committing any crime with a gun, even simple illegal possession, should be subject to federal mandatory prison sentences.

All gun crimes should become federal crimes.

That means that if cops in Chicago find a gang member or anybody else carrying an illegal weapon, they will be prosecuted by a U.S. Attorney.

And if convicted, serve at least five years in a federal penitentiary.

That way American law enforcement could take not only guns off the streets but people who illegally carry them and-or use them to commit crimes.

And the upshot -- pardon the pun -- is that legal gun owners would be left alone.

Now this is a simple solution, but Hillary Clinton would never support it.

Because she and many other liberals believe there are too many Americans in prison, and we should be more understanding of criminal behavior.

That mindset has led to the carnage we have in cities like Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis.

Talking Points does not know whether Donald Trump would support federalizing gun crimes.

But he should.

Mr. Trump has been endorsed by the NRA and says he will uphold the rights of Americans to defend themselves with firearms.

But he and every other politician must know that criminals can easily get guns and that situation has to be confronted.

So when we vote for president next Tuesday, we might think about candidates who really want to solve problems as opposed to candidates who just want to blow smoke.

And that's the memo.

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