Comrade Biden
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 5, 2021
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Comrade Biden
Okay, now it’s getting serious.  No more fooling around with this capitalism business.  Nope, old Joe Biden has gone full socialist.  Viva Fidel!  Viva Venezuela! Che, we miss you!
The President has proposed five trillion dollars in new spending.  The US Treasury currently owes about $27 trillion.  That means America has no disposable funds. So, since Albania and Sri Lanka are not going to give us any money, Joe has to get the cash from US citizens and businesses. There is no other way.  Joe may know all this but then again, he may not.  Depends on what day it is.
But his “people” certainly understand the $5 trillion spending play and they love it. All except Ocasio-Cortez.  She wants at least $10 trillion in new government spending.  She also wants to seize private property to fund the big government expansion. This is what socialism is.
President Biden might get to the private property seizure (wealth tax) as long as it doesn’t include his nifty beach house in Delaware.  But, for now, the President just wants to spend lots of taxpayer dollars and tax the country blind. Running up huge debt is fun for Joe, the working class guy from Scranton.
So here’s a bit of what Joe Biden wants to spend our tax dollars on:
- $174 billion for electric vehicles.  Global Warming play.  I like the electric cars.  But Tesla and other manufacturers should pay for the plug-in stations, not me. Someone tell Joe.
- $100 billion for “school construction.” This is what local property taxes are for, correct?  Is Joe going to federalize public schools now?
- $20 billion for bike lanes.  Insane. Again, this is a local spending issue.  
- $25 billion for “transformative” projects. A complete ruse. That could be anything. Can Joe Biden define “transformative spending?”  In China, it’s building concentration camps.
- $400 billion on home care for seniors and disabled Americans.  Noble intent. Almost a half trillion on top of Medicare and Medicaid.  Will Jill Biden get a piece of that?
The horrifying truth is Democrats want the federal government to run everything; to provide cradle-to-grave entitlements. Free child care, elder care, health care, community college, food, housing,  job and wage guarantees.
To fund that, President Biden is willing to cede his executive authority and allow progressives to dictate how much money hard working citizens and businesses can keep for themselves.  And as the giveaways rise (checks for undocumented people), personal assets shrink.  A lot.
Good day to you, Comrade Biden.
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