Concierge Members Have Spoken! Read Concierge Testimonials
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 21, 2019
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Check out some testimonials from Concierge Members who seem to be enjoying the service. If you are so inclined, cclick here to upgrade your membership and get direct email access to Bill and a free signed book every year!

Being a Concierge Member definitely has its perks. It's not every day that you can get a direct reply to an email question from one of the all-time great journalists, a record setting author, and an all-around clear thinking and plain-spoken guy! Plus, merchandise discounts! Wow.

Douglas Arnold
Lancaster, Pennsylvania


I really enjoy Concierge Membership, chopping it up with [Bill] from time to time is always fun. The discounts on merchandise are huge. I will be using my 'We Say Merry Christmas' doormat for the first time this Christmas. Thanks for this site, I really like the No Spin News. 

Robert Sailer
Coalinga, California


Love my Concierge Membership. Although I personally haven't taken advantage of emailing [Bill] directly. I do save so much money on all my BOR swag.  The membership pays for itself in just a few orders. The content is amazing, just hearing Brett Tolman once a month is worth the price of admission.

Marc Paladino
Hamburg, New Jersey


I’ve been a Premium Member for a couple years and have thoroughly enjoyed watching as well as my gift books. But recently I have become aware that there is no place else to get the critical analysis and balanced perspective that [Bill] provides. I was surprised at the upgrade fee because I was willing and prepared to pay a lot more. Thank you for the service you provide. 

James Choiniere
Lewisville, Texas


...It is a pleasure and comforting knowing I can ask you a question any time any day! I use it because I only trust you when I need the truth concerning any topic and you do write back no matter if you think my question is a good one or dumb?

My family has two lifelines we have direct asses to; prayer to God for spiritual help and you for all the political and common-sense stuff we are fighting for these days!

Thomas Rayside
Canton, Georgia


Being a Concierge Member gives me a personal access to a man that I have admired for many years.  In addition, since Bill has been everywhere, he gives great travel advice and my wife, and I travel a lot.  A great additional benefit of concierge membership.

Kevin Risener
Newtown, Pennsylvania

To those on the fence to be a Concierge Member... this is not a sales job but an opportunity to connect directly to Bill - he does answer you - and to support Bill and his team to continue providing a more open honest discussion on issues that happen each week. 

Robert Parry
Fort Collins, Colorado


I love being a Concierge Member!  The extra savings I get on Christmas presents alone will pay for the additional fee.  Plus, I get personal answers to my news related questions from the no spin master himself.  How special is that?

Cassandra Dutrey- Ellis
S. Chesterfield, Virginia 


Your expertise in news and reporting politics is invaluable in today's fake news era.  I've had several political questions and appreciate the rapid personal response I received.  An informed voter is required in this republic and you keep us informed. Thanks for direct access to you.

Fred Burdick
Dalton, Georgia