Congressman Weiner Delivers Body Blow to American Liberalism
By: StaffJune 9, 2011
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By Bill O'Reilly

There are very few people who can go out and effectively promote left-wing views in the media these days. In the House, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Dennis Kucinich do that. In the Senate, there's really nobody. These days, Bernie Sanders only speaks to the choir.

Far and away, Congressman Anthony Weiner used to be the point-man to deliver the liberal point of view. He was on TV all the time:


REP. ANTHONY WEINER, D-N.Y.: Make no mistake about it, every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.

They've got their Fox News, they've got their talking points, they've got their Tea Party guys in triangle hats. We know who they have got. They have got their Michele Bachmanns who are, you know, hearing messages from the mothership or whatever she is doing.

You know what I would have said? I would have said the Republican plan stinks and I will chew my right arm off before I sign any part of it.


Now Mr. Weiner is no longer available, and the liberal propaganda machine is taking a huge hit. The left still has reliable friends in the media, but usually those press outlets speak to their own. Not too many conservatives or independents watch MSNBC. So if liberal America wants to persuade independent people that their cause is correct, they have very few options left.

And that is apparent in a new Rasmussen poll, which says 54 percent of likely U.S. voters believe President Obama is more liberal than they are. Just 24 percent say their political views are similar to the president's. That's a huge divide and it's growing as non-ideological Americans see that the liberal approach, especially in economics, does not work.

Like him or not, Anthony Weiner was a passionate spokesperson for the left, and there is no one available to replace him. When President Clinton got into trouble, there were legions of politicians and pundits ready to defend him, but that cadre has now largely disappeared. Thus the Weiner story becomes far more than a congressman blowing up his own career. The entire liberal movement in America has been damaged.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

We have enough violence in America, do we not? The brutal Arizona shooting last January demonstrated that quite clearly. But still pinheads, especially in show business, push free speech to the limit. Listen to a comedian ripping on Sarah Palin:


CHRISTOPHER TITUS, COMEDIAN: You know what, man? I am -- I am going to literally -- if she gets elected president, I am going to hang out on the grassy knoll all the time. Just -- just loaded and ready. You know what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel like it will be crowded at that point.

TITUS: It's for my country. It's for my country. If I'm going to sacrifice myself, it's for my country.


Now, that's simply unacceptable. The grassy knoll reference, of course, to the assassination of President Kennedy. Mr. Titus is a pinhead. He has issued an apology, but come on.

On the patriot front, Tuesday I received this letter from the director of the Fisher House, a military family charity, Ken Fisher: "Dear Bill, we will be awarding $77,000 in scholarships to 23 deserving students. Nineteen are the sons and daughters of disabled veterans. As a direct result of your efforts, we will be able to bless these deserving students for years to come."

Now, you may remember that "Factor" viewers donated more than $1 million to the Fisher House in return for getting my signed notes used for the Super Bowl Sunday interview with President Obama. That offer is still in play. You can check it out on Everyone who helps the Fisher House is a patriot.

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